Cal Poly police arrest teen protester

April 24, 2018

A 15-year-old animal rights activist chained herself to a gate outside the Cal Poly meat processing center in attempt to stop the slaughter of a cow on Monday. University police arrested the girl for trespassing, video shows. [Cal Coast Times]

Zoe Rosenberg hopped a fence along with a woman who was also participating in the animal rights activism event. The two females then chained themselves to the gate and livestreamed the incident, with Rosenberg doing much of the talking.

Rosenberg said she has an animal sanctuary where more than 150 animals live.

“We are asking that they send this beautiful cow to my sanctuary, Happy Hen Animal Sanctuary, where she can live the life that she deserves,” Rosenberg said.

The teen activist said she was nicknaming the cow slated to be slaughtered “Justice.”

“We’re asking for Justice to be released, and we’re asking for justice for her,” Rosenberg said.

Additionally, the teen took aim at Cal Poly and the university’s animal science program, claiming they are illegally torturing and killing animals. Rosenberg also said that is traumatizing students.

“For you animal science majors you are required to learn how to kill animals and that is horrible,” Rosenberg said.

Shortly after Rosenberg and her fellow activist chained themselves to the gate, university police officers arrived at the scene.

The officers offered Rosenberg and the woman multiple chances to leave peacefully without getting arrested. Rosenberg said she would not leave unless the cow goes to her sanctuary and that there is no peace when animals are being killed.

When an officer asked Rosenberg to place her hands behind her back, the teen responded, “Where is the cow?”

Eventually officers arrested Rosenberg and her fellow activist while other activists stood, watched, screamed and filmed the incident.

“Where is justice?” the activists screamed.

Cal Fire personnel came out to the scene to break the chain tied to the fence and the activists.

The Identarian

She looks cultish, like one of those Rajneesh drones from Oregon a few decades ago.


Ms. Rosenberg,

I don’t know if you read CCN and it’s Comment Section, I hope you do…

What you did took courage, the type of courage most your age haven’t yet acquired in life. I hope your parents are proud and supportive. I hope you’ll not let those who would dissuade you from exercising your 1st Amendment Rights to persuade you not to, it’s not only important for you but for this country as well.

There’s a reason they call it “exercising your rights” when you decide to speak out; it’s like exercising the muscles of your body, it keeps them healthy, strong and useful. Just like your muscles your rights need to be healthy, strong and useful, because just like your muscles they’ll become sick, weak and useless if not exercised. Healthy, strong and useful rights are the backbone of this country, without them We The People would not be where we are today, free to do exactly what you did.

I actually hope you do read CCN and it’s Comment Section, especially the report of your protest, as there’s a very important lesson here; not all will agree with you, and some will even take the opportunity to attack you rather than your cause, and you should be prepared for both. It takes “thick skin” to stand for something, anything, when you know you’ll meet resistance, especially the type of resistance that is mean hearted and becomes very personal. Take heart though, those that choose to attack you are a very small minority while those that support you are the vast majority.

I’m proud of you for another reason as well; you didn’t come unprepared, asking for something that you didn’t have an alternative for. You didn’t just ask for “Justice” to be spared you also offered an alternative for him outside of Cal Poly, good for you! You weren’t expecting others to pay for “Justice’s” care going forward, nope! You were prepared to let him live out his life with you while you paid for it and cared for him, what we adults refer to as “On Your Dime”. That type of dedication and belief in what you’re doing is a rare trait, one that you should be proud of and will be an example that others will surely emulate.

This is going to be your world one day, and right now your elders ain’t doing so well leaving you something better than when it was theirs. With you I find some hope though, the hope that the coming generation is capable of recognizing our mistakes and grow from them, while making this world of yours a much better place to live on.

Stay Strong!

Noodly Appendages

You spew falsehood as easily as this family, making me believe that you are actually part of it.

“You weren’t expecting others to pay for “Justice’s” care going forward, nope! You were prepared to let him live out his life with you while you paid for it and cared for him, what we adults refer to as “On Your Dime”.

Look at their website for the ‘sanctuary’. These people are accepting multiple donations for exorbitant amounts to house ‘rescued’ animals. This stunt is a commercial to drive traffic to their site so they can beg for tax free money. And prepare to get your panties in a twist sir, but this girl has clearly got a dysfunctional relationship with food already.


Nope, not part of the family.

Money given or money earned abiding by the laws of this great country is the recipients to do with what they choose. As long as the money these folks receive is spent within the guidelines of there 501(c)(3) non-profit status who are you to question or let alone judge them? If there is something specific you know about that this young lady is doing wrong (illegal) report her, if not.. Shut Up!

Why is “veganism” dysfunctional? About 3% of the population of this free country are vegans, are all of them dysfunctional? Or is it just this 15 year old girl you choose to pick on from a distance that you can safely bully on something you evidently have no idea about (I’ll leave a link below that will allow you to leave your ignorance, and be better informed on a subject you obviously have no education on, from a source that does)? And no, I’m not a vegan, I love well prepared and very rare beef, medium cooked pork and grilled chicken in my salalds !

As far as my panties being in a bunch? Nope, don’t wear ’em, not fond of underwear at all as a matter of fact! But you on the other hand? You obviously have yours stuffed so far up your rear end that the skid marks are effecting your sensibilities and vison.

Here’s that link…


By-the-way, I’ve sponsored a chicken! I bet that just bends your beak, huh? And no, I didn’t do it just to piss you off but it sure was a factor in my deliberations…


Everyone, less about each other, much less.


“Justice” will be served! (At the Firestone grill).


You Go Girl! 15 and braver than any of the “adults” here on CCN says all that needs to be said about you and your courage! It’s fine that some may question your reason but nobody, and I mean no-frickin’-body, can question your heart! Especially this band of snowflakes on CCN!


Some of the adults here have fought in wars (and not the war for vegetarianism). It doesn’t take courage to go to a safe zone college campus and stage a protest in front of video cameras with your mommy present, knowing the worst case scenario, removal and a small fine, going in to it. Thats what you consider courage?


Actually worst case scenario might be stepping in some cow dung as you pose for mommys video.


Yea, I do consider it courage. Courage is a quality that comes in different ways for different people, some it takes facing down a bullet others it’s facing down the contempt and insults of their community! Fines and removal are the easy part, it’s the type of contempt and insults that permeates here on CCN that is hard.

Just because someone, anyone, has fought in a war, any war, doesn’t give them the right to define courage. I have all the respect in the world for a Vet’ of any war but they should all remember they fought to protect this girls right to peacefully protest in any manner she chooses and for any cause she deems worthy.

Just one other thing… courageous folks are less likely to show their asses as well, in any situation, whether it is about something they agree with or not.


Also copperhead, it takes a ton of courage to live and let live. It’s a coward that wishes for someone to die because he or she doesn’t approve of their lifestyle, the stench of their breath or the condition of their teeth! A sacred ass hell coward!


such hostility.


Hostility? Nahhhhh! Just reality beatin’ down your door with an exclamation mark (!) here-and-there for emphasis.


That’s even more puzzling than an overweight vegan.


Yeah, go ahead and prevent hard working students from getting their paid education, disrupting others is okay, block streets, prevent other from entering buildings, it’s your right.

Jorge Estrada

The girl may have courage but it is her parents that have the real courage. They are willing to allow their child to perform these deeds at their consequences. It certainly has been a year of children protestors and Trump is right about a better economy because their parents will need it.

Ralph Snart

Her parents should be arrested for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.