Cal Poly spent $85,000 on policing Milo Yiannopoulos event

May 5, 2018

Policing and providing security for the recent fake news forum featuring controversial conservative Milo Yiannopoulos cost Cal Poly and the California State University system a combined estimate total of $86,200, Cal Poly officials say.

Cal Poly’s share of the cost amounted to about $46,600, while the CSU covered about $39,600 of the bill. The expenses included providing food and lodging for several dozen officers brought to the San Luis Obispo campus specifically for the April 26 event.

In all, there were 129 officers standing guard on campus. The law enforcement presence consisted of 17 university police officers, 54 officers from other CSU campuses and 58 officers from various agencies around SLO County.

Additionally, paramedics were stationed on campus during the fake news forum. As was the case with a previous Milo Yiannoupoulos event held at Cal Poly in Jan. 2017, last week’s forum proceeded peacefully.

This time, as an extra security measure, officials fenced off the Mott Athletic Center, where the fake news forum took place. Protesters stood outside the fencing with signs, while other critics of Yiannopoulos boycotted the event, choosing instead to hold potlucks or other gatherings.

Yiannopoulos was joined last week at Cal Poly by YouTubers Carl Benjamin, commonly known as Sargon of Akkad, and Austin Fletcher, also known as Fleccas. The event followed an aborted fake news panel discussion that was slated to take place in February but was canceled after uproar over the alleged racism of one of the scheduled participants.

The Cal Poly College Republicans and the Cal Poly chapter of Turning Point USA co-sponsored the fake news panel.

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They should have used that money to teach students what free speech and tolerance are.

An educated, rational, thinking population is the death knell to tyranny. These kids can’t be taught what you suggest. It will de-rail the agenda.

A glimpse into the smokey back rooms of the Campus Free Speech Police:

“”The damn Constitution protects this Milo guy from getting his tongue cut out for saying all his hate speech. What can we do?””

” Well, let’s get massive amounts of police protection and run up a 6 figure bill. Even if nothing happens, we can point to how costly it is to have Milo speak here and perhaps that will be a reason he doesn’t get invited back?”

“”Awesome idea! We can spend 85k this year, and hopefully next year we can spend over 100k and then we can put on our “fiscal conservative” masks and explain why we simply can’t afford to have free speech events on the campus!””

…..and so they did!


That’s all this is, folks. It’s another way to make sure people don’t hear wrong ideas from people who aren’t PC.

As far as State expenditures go, $85,000 is like a tiny slice of a pretax that this State will be funding to the Feinstein family for the slow High Speed Rail between two towns. It is very lucrative to have the vote thence the contract. What a waste of time (a diversion) sniveling over Poly Drama.

Let the organizer’s pay! ANOTHER “conservative” taxpayer abuse. WHO PROTECTS THE TAXPAYER?

NOBODY. Nobody protects the taxpayer. It sure ain’t Phil Ting who wants to expand medi-cal to all Californians (including ill#@&….sorry I mean undocumented immigrants) to a tune of $1 billion a year. But lets worry about conservative taxpayer abuse instead? Certainly waste from both parties but in California……its all on the donkey.

I’m sure a college club made up of students doesn’t have $86k in their kitty. By employing your logic the antifa forces win, as any event in which violent protestors could be present (ie.. any event with an opposing view of the left wing) would be shut down due to the expense of policing it. The organization of the event isn’t the problem. Lawless protestors are.