Marijuana shops could be coming soon to SLO

May 2, 2018

The San Luis Obispo City Council is moving ahead with plans to allow three marijuana dispensaries to open in SLO. However, the plans appear to be conditional upon voters passing a marijuana tax measure, which may appear on the November ballot. [Cal Coast Times]

On Tuesday, the city council voted in favor of an ordinance that would allow medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries in the city. If the ordinance is formally approved at an upcoming meeting, San Luis Obispo will become the first jurisdiction in SLO County to adopt a rule permitting recreational pot shops.

Other elements of the ordinance include the allowance of medical and recreational marijuana delivery services and non-volatile pot manufacturing businesses. The ordinance, though, prohibits marijuana events and onsite use of cannabis at pot stores.

Likewise, the ordinance bans outdoor cultivation of marijuana and limits indoor grows to occupying a maximum of 70,000 square feet citywide. The marijuana rules call for there to be six pot business zones, none of which are in the downtown area.

The ordinance requires all storefront marijuana businesses to be located at least 1,000 feet apart from one another, 1,000 feet from schools and parks and 300 feet from residential neighborhoods.

In order for marijuana business to apply for a city land use permit, they would have to first go through a certification and ranking process.

At its upcoming May 15 meeting, the city council is expected to discuss the proposed marijuana tax measure.


I wonder how long it will take Cal Poly to get on board and create a curriculum within the Ag department for the growth and cultivation of marijuana. There will also be an Economics glass on the distribution of the product. “Learn by doing” will be the way to go as the marijuana business is apt to surpass the wine industry. There will be more taxes and what a better way for SLO to sustain being the happiest place?


It’s a “growing” industry so I could see Cal Poly gettin’ on board. Maybe Cal Poly will have a cannabis u-pick stand just their fruit stand! One can only hope, right?


If SLO handles this like Grover Beach did the ones getting the permits with be friends and special people, (campaign donators) of the mayor and council members.


think about all tax to pay on a weed you can grow yourself


Sometimes, to the extent one grows his or her own, and the equipment and other materials needed, buying from a dispensary makes a good option. I spend $25.00 a month, for that I get 5 grams, enough for my month of good sleep benefits (pretty much all I use it for), for that I get a pretty consistent product from a safe place to buy it from.