Orchard Supply Hardware stores to close, clearance sales

August 24, 2018

San Luis Obispo County shoppers have expressed frustration over a decision to shut down all Orchard Supply Hardware stores, a pair of which are located in Paso Robles and Pismo Beach. [Cal Coast Times]

The business’s parent company Lowe’s decided last week to close Orchard Supply Hardware in order to focus on its core home improvement business. Lowe’s expects to shut down all 99 Orchard Supply Hardware stores, which are located in California, Oregon and Florida by the end of the year. It also expects to close the distribution facility that services the OSH stores.

“While it was a necessary decision to exit Orchard Supply Hardware, decisions that impact our people are never easy,” Lowe’s CEO Marvin Ellison said. “We will be providing outplacement services for impacted associates, and they will be given priority status if they choose to apply for other Lowe’s positions.”

Orchards Supply Hardware has been in existence since 1931. The company is currently holding a 10 to 30 percent off closing sale.

“Everything on sale, everything must go!” the company announced.

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The LA Times reported OSH had profits last year of $60 million, so this isn’t driven by bad business, just another vulture capitalist move to eliminate the competition — buy a competitor to shut it down. Same happened with Aaron Brothers, bought by Michael’s, shut down. Monopoly triumphs. Oddly, in SLO Co, Lowes has such a small presence they’re not even a player. Just as well — never thought much of their stores, and wouldn’t shop there anyway. Will miss OSH.

Also, 2 big storefronts within a half-mile of each other that will be vacant down here in So County. That’s big.

I have always liked the physical store that is OSH but seldom shop there because of their inflated prices. I have always preferred the “mom & pop” benefits of Miners Hardware that have proven a small guy can make it when the big guys like OSH or even Home Depot move in on them. I can handle the higher pricing on some items at places like Miner’s because the really fill an important and very convenient niche.

It will be interesting to see if perhaps Lowe’s ‘squeezes’ a version of themselves into the Pismo location since we’re between SLO and Santa Maria Home Depot locations.

OSH had decent prices before they were bought. Always had good helpers on hand.

Thet will be missed.

You’re right about Miner’s Ace. I believe they fill a very good niche, because not everyone wants to wander around an enormous warehouse. Get in, get out, get on with it.

The big question is, Pismo Beach likely already budgeted and spent the average monthly taxes received from OSH and since that money is soon to be gone what will they eliminate to adjust to this lower revenue? We all know it won’t be salaries and benefits.

This is so wrong to have a big stores move in, put the small stores out of business and then close themselves. When this happens there should be an opportunity like waved fees and other incentives for small stores to return.