Why is the middle class fleeing San Luis Obispo County?

September 9, 2018


I recently read an article that the Central Coast is one of the worst places in the United States for small business owners. As a small business owner myself, I have at times assumed as much, but could it really be true?

I decided to start doing some research. I learned that not only is it true that the Central Coast is one of the worst places in the United States for small business owners, but that middle-class families are leaving San Luis Obispo County at one of the highest rates in the nation. Why is this happening?

Those leaving cited the high cost of living, lack of good-paying jobs, and shortage of affordable housing. And it’s not just our families – entire companies are leaving our area too. In order to keep a healthy economy and to encourage businesses to stay, we need to place a priority on keeping head-of-household jobs in the County.

Sue Rodeck is a 27 year resident of Templeton.

Mike Morgan

The free market is a wonderful thing. If the middle class is leaving for lack of work there will be a housing crash. Not if but when. Sans any meaningful jobs this crash is going to last until this area becomes job friendly, probably for years or at least until the NIMBY attitude in this area is abated. NINBYs are not at the top of the list when it comes to understanding economics. Now their chickens have come home to roost or should I say flew the coop?


Look at Silicon Valley and San Fran people. It is only going to get worse.

Even if you increase the supply the prices will not go that far down. The only thing that will possibly do it is when Diablo closes and there isn’t any other industry to pick up the slack.

The problem with that scenario is that people from SF or San Jose will just pick up a place as a second home. I’m not sure but I think there are already a few like that near where I live (people are rarely there, etc.)

Mike Morgan

Retirees and second homeowners will not be nearly enough to hold off the blight that is here and soon to raise its ugly head. Soon you will see empty business’s then come the empty homes will become visible.


My job has me dealing with a lot of college students and their parents. It is absurd how many parents talk to me about how much rent is for their kid(s) and how they are worried that they will have to work too much to afford it and not focus on school. One lady told me the only thing she could find for her daughter was a bedroom in a house with 3 other girls each paying $1000/month and it was a dump. Looked like trash, not clean at all, yard not kept up, etc. $4000 a month for a crap house. People are just theives…


After Being Born & Raised in the Area, High School , Jr High in Arroyo Grande,  being in a professional business for over 20 years, grossing between 50-60 K a year , building a nice remodel in the Village , on a nice lot , a dream .. had every thing ..  amount owed total $435 K  in the home crash  , lowest  paid on the project ,  trading money to live I had enough..  paid $3,200, in tax , 

I sold in 2011 late made money .. my $135 profit  would of gone no where ..  The area does nothing to help long time ,residence .. or businesses in the community .. at the end of my year the IRS got the big check not me.. Yes you folks are driving the middle class out … Who is to blame for this ? not me .. its sad…  


Don’t forget, house prices to increase due to requirement to install solar on new homes in a couple of years. Add another 15-25K


No matter how bad it is now…with homeless bums, mentally ill freaks, rich living behind gated walls, 101 daily traffic jams, crowded stores, gang graffiti, golf courses draining the aquifer and just more and more people…….it will only get worse.


At first I took exception to your “mentally ill freaks” bullchit there ‘chicken but then I realized I shouldn’t; you just best exemplify and are “man” enough to say what most here on CCN feel anyway, right? Say it loud, say it with pride, show your apathetic ignorance off, it’s as trendy as the prices y’all pay for living in “The Happiest Place On Earth”…


Easy, they are tired of being the payer’s and seeing way too many payee’s and a government not wanting to stop it and instead are trying to add more an more to the payee lists



With median rents at $2700/month and average home prices around $710k, You need a high paying job to afford to make it here. 


I know in my profession, nurses make about $25k a year LESS here than other parts of California. We are told we are getting paid in sunshine and weather. I will probably move when my kids move away. Sad they can’t live where they grew up, but I don’t see how they can afford the high cost of living when the wages don’t reflect it.


Goodbye to senile city! Corruption Central Coast addios!