California Democrats to dominate Sacramento

November 8, 2018

Congressman Salud Carbajal

With the exception of Republican Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham, who won reelection Tuesday, San Luis Obispo County residents will be represented in Sacramento and Washington, D.C. primarily and possibly entirely by Democrats. [Cal Coast Times]

In the elections for federal office, Democratic Congressman Salud Carbajal again defeated Republican Justin Fareed, and Sen. Dianne Feinstein defeated fellow Democrat Kevin De Leon. Carbajal defeated Fareed 56.0 percent to 44.0 percent, while Feinstein beat De Leon by a margin of 54.3 percent to 45.7 percent.

Meanwhile in Sacramento, the Democrats appear poised to regain the supermajority in the California Legislature that they lost earlier this year when state Sen. Tony Mendoza resigned amid a sexual misconduct scandal. The Democrats need to pick up one seat in the state Senate to regain their supermajority in both houses of the Legislature.

The Democrats did not flip Cunningham’s District 35 seat, as the SLO County Republican defeated challenger Bill Ostrander 58.7 percent to 41.3 percent. However, the Democrats are leading in enough races across the state to regain the supermajority, if the current results hold.

Additionally, the Democrats are likely to control all elected statewide offices.

Gavin Newsom

Current Lieutenant Gov. Gavin Newsom easily defeated Republican challenger John Cox to become California’s next governor. Newsom received 59.3 percent of the vote to Cox’s 40.7 percent.

California voters elected Eleni Kounalakis lieutenant governor, Alex Padilla secretary of state, Betty Yee controller, Fiona Ma treasurer and Xavier Becerra attorney general. Padilla, Yee and Becerra were incumbents.

Two races for statewide offices remain close and are still undecided.

Democratic state Sen. Ricardo Lara is leading tech entrepreneur Steve Poizner 50.8 percent to 49.2 percent in the race for insurance commissioner. Lara is an advocate of single-payer healthcare, while Poizner is a Republican-turned independent who formerly served as the state insurance commissioner.

Lastly, the race for superintendent of public instruction pits two Democrats — Marshall Tuck and Tony Thurmond — against one another. Tuck is leading Thurmond 50.7 percent to 49.3 percent. Tuck is considered to be an advocate of charter schools, while Thurmond is viewed to be more of a supporter of traditional public schools.

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Why is there a picture of Salud Carbajal representing a story headlined, California Democrats to dominate Sacramento? Last time I checked, Salud’s office was in Washington D.C., where Democrats don’t dominate, at least not yet. 

What The Dems Do not understand is someone has to pay the bill..  Living on hot Air Sucks people ..  Why are people so stupid … Helping people is one thing , but Calif want to kill the middle class The Money tree is dead … 

I just hope I can sell my house and get the hell out before prop 13 is repealed and everything crashes into the muck!

I’m always available to help you pack. One less malcontent on the beautiful Central Coast.

Vote corruption works every time its tried…toss in unfettered illegal voters and you get one party rule…enjoy Californians!!! Oh and just try and get a one way Uhaul rental out of the state…. The fact that I have a choice for senator between two democrats one worse than the other is wrong and in my opinion corrupt….Is there anyone at the republican headquarters?…anyone?….

If your not registered in the demo party these people won’t talk to you when you e-mail them problems or questions most of the time they don’t even send out the glad you contacted me letter that blows you off, so NO these self centered vultures don’t represent us.

No surprise there as Excremento and Ca gets what it deserves. Say hi to open border, sanctuary city enabling, money grabbing, unfaithful to his wife Newkscum for me. We’ll make sure to tune in here and there and watch as you circle the drain from a safe distance.;).

Well the Dems win again so Ca.government can continue to raise tax’s, overspend with no accountability, waste money on dumb bullet train to nowhere and you people even approved the gas tax ripoff, Unbelievable!! The government spent the money earmarked for the roads on other things and now wanted more . Can’t believe the voters could be that stupid to believe this tax is going to be used for what the government says. Well the Dems government has fooled you once and many more times so you who support them will reap what they sow but unfortunately everyone else will suffer also. Thanks a lot.

Time to zip up your pockets, don’t feel guilty for a life of discipline and the wealth that followed. There will always be those that truly have a need because they have less access to choices and you help because your are grateful that you can. To be Democrat, Republican or anything else is a personal choice never to be construed as a handicap.