Dystiny Myers’ brother guilty of robbing pot delivery man

November 16, 2018

Joshua Logan Myers

The brother of slain runaway teen Dystiny Myers has been convicted of robbing a medical marijuana delivery service and doing so for the benefit of a street gang. [Cal Coast Times]

Joshua Logan Myers, 19, robbed a medical pot delivery service in the parking lot of the San Luis Obispo Costco on Dec. 11, 2017. San Luis Obispo police later arrested Myers, and he was booked into the SLO County Jail.

On Thursday, a San Luis Obispo jury convicted Myers of second-degree felony robbery and enhancements for using a firearm and for committing the crime for the benefit of a criminal street gang. The jury also convicted Myers of making criminal threats.

Myers is the younger brother of Dystiny Myers, the runaway Santa Maria teen who was the victim of a brutal 2010 murder in SLO County.

Joshua Myers’ sentencing is scheduled for Jan. 17, 2019 in the courtroom of Judge Matthew Guerrero. It is unclear how stiff of a sentence he is facing.


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Gangs and guns…

California’s tough gun laws don’t mean much to criminals.

Jorge Estrada

The new norm brought to you by the voters of California. The yes vote for Proposition Head Up Your 64 sadly represents California’s best answer for solving our economic, crime, and drug crisis.


What does this have to do with Prop64? Delivery services have been going on since 1996 for medical patients and I am pretty sure SLO didn’t have any legal recreational (prop64) delivery services in 2017. I don’t think they have any today, but I could be wrong.