Robe belt shaped like noose sparks latest Cal Poly campus concerns

November 16, 2018

While acknowledging the object found might not have any meaning or significance, Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong penned a letter to the campus community discussing racism and mental health after a student in a dormitory found a bathrobe belt that appeared to be in the shape of a noose. [Cal Coast Times]

The student discovered the noose-shaped bathrobe belt last weekend in the laundry room of the Santa Lucia residence hall. The bathrobe tie was looped and tied in a shape resembling a noose, Armstrong stated in message to the campus community.

“It is unclear what, if anything, the bathrobe tie was meant to represent or if it was intended to target members of our community,” Armstrong wrote. “Regardless, this is a situation we take seriously, and it provides an opportunity to talk about two important issues: our campus climate and student mental health.”

Armstrong went on to say that pain can be inflicted upon people through intentional racism and racial ignorance. Cal Poly has a lot more work to do in its effort to create a safe and welcoming environment for all members of the community, Armstrong stated.

Regarding mental health, he said, if an individual is struggling with mental health issues, the university urges the person to talk with someone. Students in the Santa Lucia dorm can contact their coordinator of student development at (805) 756-5631, while counseling services are also available to all students 24/7 at (805) 756-2511.

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I guess yoyo’s are not allowed on campus either…

exactly where does race come into this?

Just wondering when the public forum with President Armstrong will be held for the condemning of robe belts shaped inappropriately.

How many snowflakes needed a mental health day after the discovery of a robe belt? We are raising some oversensitive wussies, and Armstrong seems to be the perfect leader.

Oh the old bathrobe-tied-in-a-noose thing? Who among you out there does NOT know that this is a super secret plot to encourage racism and invade safe spaces! Oldest and most effective trick in the book

This is an outrage!! When will the blatant disregard for boys that can’t afford robes end? This reckless and robeless behavior in our institute of higher learning’s laundry room needs to come to a halt and right now. Please pass the Tide pods.

Upon seeing this story it occurred to me that it was from The Onion, but then I remembered it was April Fool’s Day? No?

Well, there are fools….of the virtue signalling, busybody type.

A robe tie? How many were injured? Were half eaten tide pods also found in the laundry room? How many did Armstrong eat?

What color was the tie? Unless the tie was rainbow colored I would say it is safe to say Cal Poly is swarming with what Kamala Harris would call ICE-minded folks. California should shut the place down and Starbucks can bring in their training squads to straighten it out.

Only you can choose to save you, displaced and mostly forgotten is the other option.