SLO County and employee union agree on terms of planned strike

November 28, 2018

If San Luis Obispo County’s primary employees union makes good on its threat to strike, the work stoppage will have to occur between Dec. 11 and Dec. 14, and 160 essential employees will have to sit it out in order to protect public health and safety. [Cal Coast Times]

SLO County officials and the San Luis Obispo County Employees’ Association (SLOCEA) reached an agreement on those terms. according to a news release issued by the county. Officials now say the planned strike will not jeopardize residents’ health and safety.

On Nov. 16, SLOCEA notified the county it planned to strike as soon as Dec. 4, unless the county met its demands. SLOCEA represents approximately 1,775 of the county’s 2,800 employees.

SLOCEA is demanding the county renegotiate terms for Fiscal Year 2018-2019 and provide union members with 2.5 percent salary increases. The county offered .5 percent raises effective July 2018, followed by 2 percent raises effective July 2019.

Last week, the county filed an unfair labor practice charge against SLOCEA with the California Public Employment Relations Board (PERB), requesting the state agency seek a court order to stop public health and safety workers from striking. The complaint also alleged SLOCEA gave inadequate notice of a pending strike.

County officials said they hoped the complaint and a subsequent PERB investigation would prompt SLOCEA to identify the dates of the planned strike and agree to exempt public safety positions from the work stoppage, which SLOCEA has now done. The county says it has withdrawn its request to PERB.

“We are disappointed that SLOCEA members voted to strike rather than accept the two-year increases we offered them this fall,” County Administrative Officer Wade Horton said in a statement. “Though we disagree, employees who strike will be treated with dignity and respect.”

Several years of budget surpluses allowed for salary increases, including a 12.5 percent wage increase for SLOCEA since 2014. But the situation has changed, and the county must be fiscally responsible, Horton said.

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Is this the same union led by that employee who stole the bat-wing mower. I think his name was Faria, so now he is threatening to strike if he can’t steal anymore.

SDNana- Yes, all those positions you described got .5% in July 18 and will get 2% July 19, same that was offered to SLOCEA. Also it was public at the BOS Oct 16th meeting.

Again, discontinue the travel club and retire more managers. All travel and lodging expenses should be routine public discussion items before the Board of Supervisors. In fact a lot needs segregated for public discussion and not hidden within Departmental budgets.

I hope when you say retire managers you mean retire and eliminate the position. Yes, their retirement will only increase the pension mess but I guess as long as we don’t just continue the excessive positions, the outrageous salaries and ridiculous benefits it would be a good thing in the long run.

I wonder did all Board of Supervisors, elected officials, Admin and Management only get a a .5 percent for 2018-19. I have my doubts on that. Strange that they get their increase without letting the public know. Just a thought!

Get rid of county social services — nothing but dead weight there. That should free up a few dollars.

Funny thing is nobody will know or care if they are working or not…

Oh where is Ronald Reagan? Fire them all, clean up the PERS liability issue, The new employees can pay into Social Security like everyone else. You say absurd? There would be thousand of highly qualified people in line to get these jobs who are just as qualified. I learned a long time ago that everyone is expendable and can be replaced without it being the end of the world.

FYI – County employees do contribute to Social Security already.

So are you saying that they are getting a double retirement along with Medicare and whatever medical benefits are included in their retirement packages? I knew they had it good but boy this is a surprise.

It appears SLOCEA represented employees don’t have a “no strike” clause in their contract unlike the PATCO represented employees that Reagan fired. SLO County has a retirement system separate from Cal PERS. SLO County Pension Trust does not provide any medical benefits to retirees.

In business when times are good, we generally earn more. If things change, those in private sector earn less. When there are budget and pension shortfalls, do Government employees ever take less money?

Didn’t think so…


2008: 3.0% pay cut to employees

2009: 0%

2010: 1.88%

2011: 0%


and yet salaries, benefits and pensions are way too high…….

3% pay cut while the revenue was down 30% or so and the rest of the world either lost their jobs or took double digit hits. Gubment compensation has no basis in reality because they produce nothing.