Los Osos attorney seriously injured while surfing

December 10, 2018

Craig Ainsworth

Los Osos based attorney Craig Ainsworth stopped breathing and nearly drowned in the water near Morro Rock over the weekend, but was then rescued by the combined effort of bystanders and emergency personnel. [Cal Coast Times]

Early Saturday morning, eight bystanders rescued the surfer from heavy waves. The surfer did not have a pulse, and the bystanders started performing CPR on him, according to the Morro Bay Fire Department.

First responders from the Morro Bay harbor patrol, police department and fire department continued providing life support, and the surfer’s pulse returned on the beach. Responders then transported the surfer to the hospital.

Ainsworth is currently in a medically induced coma, according to his Facebook page.


Craig has been a consistent contributor to our community. He donates endless hours to our disadvantaged. Craig is a natural born athlete and swims like a dolphin. A tragic reminder that any given day any of our lives can be threatened or even ended. Craig and his family will be in our prayers and we pray for a swift and complete recovery. Godspeed