San Luis Obispo mayor curses at progressive event, gets quoted in Rolling Stone

January 29, 2019

Mayor Heidi Harmon


San Luis Obispo Mayor Heidi Harmon traveled to Vermont to attend a gathering of top progressive minds that Rolling Stone suggested had the feel of a campaign rally for Sen. Bernie Sanders. In its coverage of the event, Rolling Stone quoted Harmon as saying her children could “fucking die” over an emergency like climate change.

Speakers at the event talked about climate change and other “dire emergencies spiraling out of control,” the article said. The article quoted Harmon in the following paragraph.

“I have two kids, and they’re going to fucking die if we don’t fix all this. That’s how I look at it,” Harmon was quoted as saying.

The article described Harmon as “the colorful mayor of San Luis Obispo.”

Rolling Stone published the article in December, but Harmon waited until last weekend to share it on social media. Harmon said she hesitated to share the article because she recognizes that “‘prominent woman says curse word’ has become a new genre unto itself.”

Harmon said there is a double standard with regard to perceptions of men and women cursing.

“I’m going to let you in on a shocking secret: sometimes women swear,” Harmon said in an Instagram post. “Here’s another revelation: there is generally nothing newsworthy about a woman swearing.”

Harmon also doubled down, effectively repeating her comments from the Vermont event in the Instagram post.

“Let’s not forget that the fact that we actually have to grapple with the reality that our kids may in fact actually fucking die is the real travesty — not a woman cussing,” Harmon wrote.

Headlined “Yes, Bernie Should Run,” the Rolling Stone article said the event held in Burlington, Vermont was hosted by Sen. Sanders’ wife, Jane Sanders, and her Sanders Institute. The event was called “The Gathering.”

The event featured numerous notable names in progressive politics, including Sen. Sanders, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis, Democratic presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, academic Cornel West and political commentator Cenk Uygur, according to the Sanders Institute website.


Ummmmm. So now she uses profanity and claims she’s the victim of sexism because she uses profanity? Isn’t that a circular argument?


Hasn’t come up yet but I’m sure it’s only time until it will be declared all of Trump’s fault for her talking that way.


She presents everything that is wrong with the Progressive Party. Fossil fuel for the Airline that spews carbon in the atmosphere. A meeting by a Progressive Leader’s “wife” who honeymooned in Russia and embezzled millions for her college before closing. A Progressive and his communist wife who sold out to the Clinton Campaign for a “Summer” second home on a Senator’s salary and yet condemns the rich, spread the wealth agenda and uses more fossil fuel for his boat, car, etc. I won’t care if she speaks like a idiot in public, but I damn care when she represents my City and talks like a tramp like those other classless idiots in Washington, DC.


Harmon must be on the 12 year plan AOC is pushing.


Maybe Heidi traveled to Burlington with her Economic Vitality Corporation hat on, seeking pointers and lessons learned from Jane Sanders on University real estate deals.


“there is generally nothing newsworthy about a woman swearing.” Except when a woman sends out instagrams making it newsworthy and emails a newspaper to make sure they understand how newsworthy it is!

Of course she flew to the east coast, how else would she get there? Since flying in a jet plane is probably the most serious offense against global warming, how’s that good for the environment?

And what about all the carbon-sequestering trees she voted to cut down out on Madonna Road?

See it and weep.


Classy. 3 years,10 months and I’m out of California! Can’t wait.


Please tell me that Ms. Harmon paid her own way to this classy event? Or, being a representative of the great city of San Luis Obispo, did she let us foot the bill? Regarding cussing, sure men and women can both cuss. But intelligent people know how to behave when representing another group. Leave your cussing for when you are hanging with your friends, not representing our city.


Hopefully the Economic Vitality Corporation paid for it.


EVC-another very profitable non profit organization. Taking Heidi Harmon to a financial event? How stupid can that be?


Is the city paying for this trip? If so, I hope it’s a one way ticket. Did she ride her bicycle? Please don’t tell me she flew on one of those nasty horrible airplanes that burn fossil fuel!


Maybe she hitchhiked and Jan Marx picked her up in her Prius in Fernley Nevada.


Oh brother……you voted for her SLO…..