Car crashes into CHP vehicle on Highway 101, video

February 22, 2019

Two vehicles spun out while driving on southbound Highway 101 near Buellton Thursday morning, and one of the cars slammed into a California Highway Patrol vehicle, dash cam footage published by the CHP shows. [Cal Coast Times]

First, a pickup truck spun out and narrowly missing colliding with a CHP patrol car that was waiting in the center of the highway to turn onto the southbound side. Then a sedan that was trailing the truck spun out as well, apparently as a result of the driver of the pickup losing control.

The sedan slammed into the patrol car. The impact of the collision caused the sedan to spin around multiple times in one of the southbound lanes.

A CHP Facebook post says the officer managed to assist the car to prevent it from veering into oncoming traffic.

“During times of inclement weather, please slow down, increase your following distance and expect the unexpected,” according to the the CHP Facebook page. “Collisions such as these can happen suddenly and unexpectedly. We have officers placing themselves in danger every day to ensure that you and your loved ones get to where they need to be safely.”

Meanwhile in San Luis Obispo, a SLO police officer was rear-ended Friday morning and transported to the hospital, Police Chief Deanna Cantrell said in a tweet. The officer is doing well, Cantrell said.


This is BULLSHIT. That cop was making a cowboy maneuver pulling a fast illegal U-turn. Those cars slammed on their brakes to avoid the cop car which they thought was about to pull right in front of them. The video conveniently obscures that. I have an employee who was a witness to the accident. That cop needs his badge taken away!


So I’m confused by the article. CHP statement indicates that the CHP driver was making an illegal u-turn without their lights on, is involved in an accident, and then is portrayed as a hero???

Can we get clarification on what happened because the video and the article do not match up.


I’m the first to agree with you about law enforcement being held to a higher standard of the law as opposed to being exempt from it when it comes to things like illegal u-turns, parking in red zones, etc. For example I’ve called in more than one law enforcement vehicle parked in front of a fire hydrant. But… from the looks of this video I don’t think this was an illegal u-turn, was it?

We can see a posted no u-turn sign on the South bound side (our POV) but there doesn’t appear to be one for the North bound side (where the CHP vehicle that got hit was coming from).

If it *is* an illegal u-turn and the CHP officer was creating a traffic hazard with no lights or flares or anything on slippery roads then I hope the LEO is held responsible — or at the very least the spin-out victims’ insurance companies hold the CHP responsible in some fashion.

nazbol gang

People driving like crazy around here.. I drive slow now, it’s not worth killing yourself or others