4 injured in multi-vehicle crash on Highway 101

April 30, 2019

Four vehicles collided on Highway 101 in Santa Maria Tuesday morning, resulting in one person being extracted and four people needing medical care. [Cal Coast Times]

Shortly after 6 a.m., three sedans and a truck crashed on northbound Highway 101 by Broadway, according to the Santa Maria Fire Department. The crash propelled the truck off the highway.

Firefighters sawed open one of the cars to free a person. Four people involved in the crash suffered minor to moderate injuries.

It is unclear what caused the crash. The CHP is investigating the collision.


Every day that goes by we read another story on traffic accidents….I was thinking about that today as I drove to San Luis…people are driving way too fast and way toooooooo impatiently…..its as if they put on their angry hat when they get behind the wheel….where are the CHP?????? slow them down….