Ryan Petetit’s sentencing hearing delayed, again

April 29, 2019

Ryan Petetit

The sentencing of an Arroyo Grande man for the 2015 violent assault of his girlfriend was delayed last week, though the reason for the delay is disputed. [Cal Coast Times]

According to the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office, the County Probation Department had not finished its report. However, the probation department report was submitted in January, according to probation.

Prior to sentencing on felony charges, a probation report will suggest either a harsher sentence or leniency depending on the convicted person’s history of extenuating circumstances and criminal behavior.

On Nov. 22, 2015, Ryan Petetit assaulted his girlfriend and held her against her will. During the assault, the victim suffered a head injury.

In Nov. 2018, Petetit pleaded guilty to assault with great bodily injury, false imprisonment with force, dissuading a witness, and two charges of inflicting corporal injury on a cohabitant. Petetit is facing up to five years and eight months in prison.

At a sentencing hearing on Jan. 17, San Luis Obispo County Judge Barry LaBarbera agreed to a three month delay so Petetit could legally change his name to Ryan Joseph Wright.

On April 24, Petetit’s attorney Patrick Fisher asked to speak to Judge Dodie Harman in chambers to discuss another extension, until after a June hearing in Los Angeles over an objection to Petetit’s requested name change.

However, because the assistant district attorney assigned to the case, Kristy Imel, was not at the hearing, Harman declined the meeting and set a sentencing hearing for May 2.

While Petetit’s attorney is seeking another continuation, “Imel is objecting to a continuation into June and is hoping the sentencing will take place as scheduled,” according the the District Attorney’s Office.

On Thursday, Petetit is scheduled for sentencing for the assault conviction, and also for a trial setting conference for a drunk in public and obstruction arrest in Pismo Beach in 2012.



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I have a funny feeling that if Petetit were a regular poor person this would be done with already. That’s kinda how things run around here.


Next, sentencing delayed due to hangnail… Not sure why he can not be sentenced, taken to jail and still work on his other case. I understand they have libraries, computers, and access to the legal system even while in jail.