Bike chop shop found at Oceano Dunes Nature Preserve

April 3, 2019

A new Oceano Dunes controversy has arisen that centers not around off-road vehicles, but bicycles, as well as trash, drugs and the homeless. [Cal Coast Times]

Controversial local resident Clark D’Souza published a video on Youtube showing himself walking in and around the Oceano Dunes Nature Preserve, where he alleges homeless individuals are living and operating a bicycle chop shop. D’Souza alleges individuals living in camps in homeless camps there are stealing bicycles from local communities and stripping the bikes at their campsites. D’Souza’s video shows numerous bicycle parts lying on the ground.

“They have a whole chop shop here,” D’Souza said in the Youtube video. “It’s just acres and acres of people chopping apart bikes over here.”

Other allegations D’Souza makes in the video include: there are criminals and felons living in the nature preserve area; individuals are using and manufacturing drugs there; and some residents of the camps are dumping chemicals in a creek bed beside a bird hatching location. D’Souza said residents of the camps are destroying a natural habitat for birds and threatening people who walk by.

“These criminals threaten everybody with violence if we walk through here on public property, which is ridiculous.” D’Souza said.

In addition to numerous bicycles, D’Souza filmed tents and large amounts of trash as he walked in and around the nature preserve. D’Souza said the homeless move into the nature preserve from out of area during the warm months of the year and abandon their camps during cold months.

D’Souza repeatedly criticizes California state parks and the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office for not clearing out the homeless individuals and cleaning up the area. The activist titled the Youtube video, ““Lisa Mangat’s Community Chop Shop @ Oceano Dunes Nature Preserve.”

Mangat is the director of state parks.

D’Souza has a long history of aggressive and erratic behavior often targeting elected officials and government employees.

In 2017, a judge granted the Oceano Community Services District a temporary restraining order against D’Souza that lasted from June 25, 2017 through Aug. 3, 2018. Also around that time, D’Souza posted videos in which he talked about wanting to slash picture of SLO County Supervisor Lynn Compton’s face.

In Nov. 2018, YouTube removed several threatening videos D’Souza posted about activist Julie Tacker.


Although the vagrants have been there for a long time, it’s now completely out of control. This is a unifying issue for liberals and conservatives alike. Those with the self-need of “displaced compassion” cannot be allowed to drive this narrative away from the crimes occurring out there. This is a crime. Crimes require LEO’s to rectify. Period. Get to work.


We’re seeing the same thing in the Salinas River bed in Atascadero. Calling Fish & Game or any other resource agency and nothing happens; probably because they can’t squeeze any fines out of the homeless folks. But if you’re a property owner and scratch the ground with your foot or cut a branch, look out; they’ll be all over you.


Exactly, when SLO Creek was being cleaned up samples were taken and contamination was tracked back to the source with big fines and mitigation measures. An apartment complex was hit with $23,000 for chlorinated water from the deck reaching a tributary and being detected. Rowdy students are contained, to an extent, with triple fines and university disciplinary actions. Try that with the homeless who choose and relish their lifestyle. Feces, trash, and broken glass in the creek from Cuesta Park to Avila Beach. Cops don’t arrest them because honestly there is no point in doing so. Creek cleanups equally pointless. I caught steel head downtown when the Mobil station at Marsh and Santa Rosa (Asian park now) discharged the waste from the mechanic’s wash sink directly into the creek.


The County Jail Honor Farm has a bike rebuilding facility, they fix them up for underprivileged kids and give them out for Christmas!!!

Have them go out and do a clean up and bring all the unclaimed bikes and parts back to the honor farm:)


Regardless of his past transgressions…The camera don’t lie. I would be willing to bet the camera doesn’t do it justice either. It’s probably worse in person. Elected officials are too afraid to go after the root and the rest of us way too partisan to hold their feet to the fire.


The real crime is that he filmed this vertically.


Just because you’re crazy doesn’t mean you’re wrong…


Gotta agree. Dude’s a bit unhinged but he’s shedding light on a very serious problem that is only getting worse. Both socially and now environmentally.