Report ranks SLO High as top Central Coast high school

May 7, 2019

U.S. News & World Report has released its latest state and national rankings of public high schools, in which San Luis Obispo High performs favorably, outpacing other schools in SLO and Santa Barbara counties. [Cal Coast Times]

Schools received scores of from from 0 to 100, as well as state and national rankings. U.S. News scores and ranks schools based on criteria including performance on state-mandated tests, graduation rates, participation in college-level courses and performance on college-level exams.

Private schools are excluded from the rankings because their students are not required to take the statewide accountability tests that are issued to public school students. No school in SLO County or northern Santa Barbara County cracked the top 200 schools in California nor the top 1,000 schools nationwide.

SLO High’s 91.86 score, as well its state ranking of 213 and national ranking of 1,404, were tops among local high schools. Orcutt Academy narrowly trailed SLO High with a score of 91.41 and state and national rankings of 223 and 1,481 respectively.

The scores and rankings of other Central Coast schools varied significantly. Paso Robles High (80.98), Arroyo Grande High (78.44), Morro Bay (74.35) and Nipomo High (69.47) followed SLO High and Orcutt Academy in the Central Coast rankings.

Ernest Righetti High (37.65) performed the worst among Central Coast schools. Righetti High, which ranked 10,752 out of more than 17,000 schools nationwide, was the only local campus to fall in the bottom half of the national rankings.

Below are the scores and rankings of Central Coast high schools:

San Luis Obispo High

Score: 91.86

State ranking: 213

National ranking: 1,404


Orcutt Academy

Score: 91.41

State ranking: 223

National ranking: 1,481


Paso Robles High

Score: 80.98

State ranking: 482

National ranking: 3,280


Arroyo Grande High

Score: 78.44

State ranking: 536

National ranking: 3,178


Morro Bay High

Score: 74.35

State ranking: 649

National ranking: 4,424


Nipomo High

Score: 69.47

State ranking: 740

National ranking: 5,265


Atascadero High

Score: 62.46

State ranking: 856

National ranking: 6,473


Pioneer Valley High

Score: 60.43

State ranking: 896

National ranking: 6,823


Central Coast New Tech High

Score: 58.93

State ranking: 918

National ranking: 7,082


Santa Maria High

Score: 52.84

State ranking: 996

National ranking: 8,132


Ernest Righetti High

Score: 37.65

State ranking: 1,140

National ranking: 10,752

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I am replying to the comment about Atascadero High by rukidding that says, “Atascadero is still on the rebound from the “good old boys” running the district,” but want this to be top of the thread.

EJ Rossi is now the Assistant Superintendent of the district…

Principal agrees to pay back misappropriated monies

December 7, 2009


Atascadero High School Principal EJ Rossi agreed to return $32,000 to the San Ardo School District (SASD) bringing to the forefront questions of why officials in Atascadero hired Rossi knowing he was accused of misappropriating school funds.

The rossi’s that are 100’s K …behind in property taxes ??

Righetti High School, which once had impressively high test scores, now ranks at the very lowest end of the testing spectrum, and the school focuses mostly on electives, vocational education and being a hub for servicing a variety of special needs students.

Obviously, area parents of children with academic potential are sending their children to either the Orcutt Academy or St. Joseph High School, and it’s a shame that administrators and school board members in the Santa Maria Joint Union High School District allowed the academic focus at Ernest Righetti to be put on the back burner.

Taxpayers deserve better.

Agree with your second point about SJ and OA, but not sure just when Righetti “had impressively high test scores.” They have been in the lower half of schools based on similar socioeconomic factors for many years now, even before OA opened to high school students.

What about Templeton?

Atascadero is still on the rebound from the “good old boys” running the district. They put all of themselves, who were not qualified, in upper management positions so that they would all get those lucrative retirements. Check out Transparent California and you will see. When you take a class room instructor who becomes the Superintendent with no business or management experience this is what you will get. But now with most of that over Atascadero should start climbing up the ladder.

I could understand Atascadero low score as its a bedroom community for slo employees …they are stuck in traffic or gone from home for many hours so they are not at home to help their children do their homework …Santa Maria would have higher scores if they taught knife sharpening and gun cleaning , target practice etc etc.. I attended Atascadero …it was like the the film Fast Times at Ridgemont High

I don’t see how since slo’s high school lost it’s computers and science dept in a fire ….Arson seems to be a subject taught very well

I know that leaving Atascadero off was an oversight but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it below Righetti.

Love the National rankings, numbers to be proud of…………….NOT!

I wonder why Righetti is so far down the dumper? Its students should be of a higher average social-economic level than those of either SM or Pioneer Valley High School. Needs investigation…

I also wonder if Mission College Preparatory outscored SLOHS?

Hello. “Private schools are excluded …”

Righetti has declined because the best and brightest in that local community usually choose Orcutt Academy—ranked second in the area—or go to the private St. Joseph High School, especially if they are also good athletes.