SLO County orders restaurants to stop serving CBD

May 7, 2019

A trend among restaurants and juice bars of infusing Cannabidiol in food and drinks has caught the eye of San Luis Obispo County food inspectors, who say the businesses are getting an illegal head start on use of the additive and must remove it from their products. [KSBY]

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is derived from cannabis, hemp in particular, but it is not psychoactive and does not get users high. The 2018 federal Farm Bill decriminalized hemp, but the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has yet to rule that CBD oil can be used as a food additive.

Meanwhile, the California legislature is considering a bill that would legalize CBD use in food. But, the state Attorney General’s Office has issued a directive saying, until the FDA rules on the matter or California adopts a law, CBD cannot be used as a food ingredient, additive or dietary supplement.

In turn, the SLO County Food Inspection Department recently mailed notices to the owners of more than 1,600 local restaurants and cafes warning them that CBD and hemp cannot yet be legally added to food and drinks and ordering them to remove the additive or face confiscation of products. No fines for violators are expected, though.

The restaurant and juice bar Seeds on Garden Street in downtown SLO offers an on-tap Kombucha drink infused with CBD. The drink has been very popular, and the restaurant has barely been able to keep its kegs full, Manager Everett Marr said.

Nearby Bliss Cafe offers hemp in bowls, as do Joy in Shell Beach and Shine Cafe in Morro Bay. A manager of The Neighborhood Acai and Juice Bar off Foothill Boulevard in SLO said the business received the notice from the county and will stop selling its popular CBD-infused juice.

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Damn busybodies! Who cares? We all know that CBD isn’t intoxicating, has no lethal dose, etc. Who cares if they mix it into a drink or food?

Watch them start a department over this and hire 3 or 4 pensioned hacks to “enforce” this kind of crap.

The problem with cannabis all along has been the difficulty in taxing it.

I think sales tax, like on the non-cbd beverage, is plenty of tax.

The problem is that the public has been fed massive amounts of propaganda regrading cannabis over the decades and law enforcement and prisons require time to adjust their economies to the decreasing number of non-violent pot-criminals being fleeced and caged for profit.

That and the greed and envy that motivates our politicians and their owners is what is creating all the distortions in the cannabis market.

But one principle stands out in this whole debacle: When something with high demand is made illegal by government edict, free-market capitalism takes over and finds a way to get that product into the hands of everyone, everywhere! Supply and Demand!

If we made food illegal… we made pot illegal….every kid in school would be able to afford food. Just like they afford drugs.

But when you “legalize” it, by which I mean tax and regulate the hell out of it, supply can no longer meet demand……and the Free (black) market will continue to operate.

We’d all be better off if marijuana was treated like daisies, or tomatoes…..legalized.

You and others may have misunderstood my meaning in the previous comment. I meant to say the reason government has fought so hard to outlaw cannabis is because of the difficulty in controlling production of and taxation on it. I am completely in favor of full decriminalization (like tomatoes) not legalization because that still implies governmental control.

Can I weigh in on this laftch?

Well, better yet, as I may get too long winded about this, read the following as it will enlighten you to the actual xenophobic basis for criminalization of cannabis and how this is the continuing reason it remains on the schedule 1 list of drugs of the FDA…

Enjoy! It’s a good read!

Huge loophole in the law for food vendors. They can just sell cbd isolate separate and let the customers mix it in with their food/drink.

Perhaps we’ll be seeing signs outside restaurants stating “No outside food, drink or CBD”.

They have signs in public restrooms now that state …. No Bathing in Restroom lol

“Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has yet to rule that CBD oil can be used as a food additive.”

Will they ever? If so, it will be a long road-to-hoe… But they’ll approve substances like fenfluramine and phentermine, aka “fen-phen”, Accutane, Darvon and Darvocet, and the list goes on-and-on, post haste that have either killed or injured 100’s of thousands. Now? They’ve just approved a new synthetic opioid, sufentanil, that is ten times stronger than fentanyl which has been identified as the leading cause of the U.S. opioid addiction and overdose crisis. Go figure, huh? Big pharm’ and the FDA are gangsters, plain and simple, neither giving a rats a$$ about our health and well being as long as the dollars keep rolling in.

Just a post note:

The FDA just approved a drug that is said to have the possibility to cure spinal muscular atrophy, an inherited disease that typically kills babies before they turn two, called Zolgensma. Great huh? You’d would think so until you ask the price… $2,000,000.00 Dollars

Another benefit awarded to the 1%er’s as the rest of us struggle to even get affordable health care.

It’s time we all demand oversight on big pharm’ and its subsidiary, the FDA!