Paso Robles Council votes to phase out some vacation rentals

June 8, 2019

Following four years of negotiations, the Paso Robles City Council voted 3-0 on Wednesday to approve a vacation rental ordinance that includes phasing out some non-owner occupied vacation rentals. [Cal Coast Times]

The proposed ordinance, which will likely be adopted on June 18, calls for a phase out after two years of non-owner occupied vacation rentals in areas zoned R-1. In addition, the 360 people currently licensed to operate short-term rentals will need to apply for permits.

The proposed ordinance limits night-time occupancy to two people per bedroom, and in the daytime four additional people can be at the residence.

In an attempt to mitigate complaints, the council also voted to create a complaint resolution hotline with a 30-minute response requirement.

Councilmen Steve Gregory and John Hamon recused themselves because of conflicts of interest.

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Are you new to America? Welcome.

Another example of the government ignoring private property rights. We need to hold our elected officials accountable to the Constitution.

Wrong, Gov acknowledging the majority, vs rich folks who rent out houses and avoid taxes! Typical, rich people hate paying taxes, everywhere. Taxes pay for our military, fire fighters, cops, school, sewage, healthcare etc. Soo. Neighborhoods are not hotels.

You may be right about taxes I don’t know, but if this law is Equally applied to all rentals then you could not have a barbecue without violating city code. Baby showers will be banned too.

2 per bedroom per night? Is the city going to employ a peeping Tom to peer into bedrooms and count bodies? Or rely on your neighbor to look in through your drapes?

Does it rule in or out ménage e trios if they clear out before morning? When exactly does the “check in” clock start? How will we know if someone is staying at a residence or not? They’ll need to unfurl a banner- flag- or maybe a windsock to signify a rental is in progress.

What if they are diurnal renters? Do the same rules apply?

What about dogs on the bed? Do they count?

Can we limit it to 4 in-laws versus just 4 people? Which is reasonable and an act of good governance. But not this.

These important questions must be answered in the next council meeting.

The Green deal in action!! This is another attack against private property rights. It starts small, next they will say one can’t rent out their lawn mower, computer, shovel, or boat. Because the “people” are allowed to own anything. Like our homes, we don’t own them, we just rent them from the government.

Care to iterate how this issue has anything to do with the “green new deal”? Do either of you live in Paso? I do. And there is much depth, corruption, wealth to this issue. I can disclose info if needed, real estate agents and wealth, lack of oversight for the new Airbnb economy. Paso is just playing catch up. Some of us have mortgages to pay and don’t want others to pay it for us, like a snake. Also, conservative majority and one democrat; first female to serve paso council in 30 years I might add, unanimously passed this, for many reasons. Ask if interested.