Woman injured in jet ski accident at Lake Nacimiento

July 28, 2019

Nacimiento Lake

A woman was injured Saturday when two jet skis crashed head-on at Lake Nacimiento in Northern San Luis Obispo County. [KSBY]

In the afternoon, a witness on another boat rescued the female victim from the lake and called 9-1-1. Medical personnel then transported the woman to a local hospital.

The extent of the woman’s injuries and her identity are not being released at this time.


I was told by a witness fishing there, she was drunk as heck, and resisted assistance the whole time.


Drunk or not; unless they arrested her for DUI she has a right to refuse care and the associated bill for transport.


You nailed THAT one, Yan. The bill with San Luis Ambulance from Nacimiento if you have a bleeding leg injury is $ 124 per MINUTE. All the way to the only trauma center, Sierra Vista.

Get your own transportation in this county, hold your own cotton ball. NOT S.L.A.!

A rapacious bill of Five Grand adds up really fast. Not worth the cool code three ride you get.


Won’t be long before this is a weekly event out Lopez Lake. It’s unchecked and off the hook mayhem out there these days on weekends and mostly in the large 5mph zones where weekend warrior Pontoon boat drivers as well as PWCs run amok and without care for the rules. The County needs to step up serious enforcement on the water before it gets to that level.


Agreed, as stayed she was illegally operating a vehicle while under the influence, water or road it’s the same.


Well, why aren’t The Tribune and KSBY calling for Lake Nacimiento to be shut down and banned? You guys are slacking off!

Russ J

because we don’t hear about a boating death every month.