Scottish man who faked his own death caught in Colorado

July 27, 2019

Kim Vincent Avis

Months after a Scottish sexual assault suspect faked his own death off the coast of Monterey County, authorities caught the fugitive in Colorado, and he is now in custody awaiting extradition to Scotland. [Cal Coast Times]

Kim Vincent Avis, also known as Ken Gordon-Avis, is a well-known street performer and trader from Inverness, Scotland who was was scheduled to appear in court on March 11. In February, Avis’s 17-year-old son called 911 and reported that his father went missing while going for a swim at Monastery Beach in Carmel.

Authorities conducted a three-day search by land and water and found no signs of Avis, 55. Sheriff’s investigators questioned Avis’s son about the story and determined his answers were not adding up.

Detectives continued to investigate the case and learned that Avis was out on bail for 24 felony sexual abuse charges in Scotland. After speaking with Avis’s ex-wife, investigators became suspicious of the drowning report.

Sheriff’s deputies interviewed Avis’s son a second time and determined he was not telling the truth. Authorities returned Avis’s son to Scotland, with help from Monterey County Child Protective Services.

Over the next few months, deputies worked with the U.S. Marshals Service, Interpol and Scottish authorities to obtain an arrest and extradition warrant for Avis. U.S. Marshals succeeded in obtaining the warrant through Interpol and Scottish authorities.

Last week, U.S. Marshals succeeded in tracking Avis to Colorado Springs. Investigators managed to locate Avis due in part to a report in March that he was spotted driving a white Ford van in the Big Sur area.

U.S. Marshals captured Avis Friday morning in Colorado Springs. Avis will remain in the custody of U.S. Marshals until an upcoming extradition hearing in Colorado Springs.

Russ J

How does one rack up 24 sex charges? The Scotts must have beat us to the punch on an equivalent AB109, prop 47 law.


LOL Whats with the Israeli headband? Not the best optics considering the recent scandals within the tribe. Maybe he thought it would help his disguise. Either way I’m glad this guy is off our streets.


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Trump’s Mum is from Scotland. Scotland is not in Northern England. If a Scotsman heard ya sayin that laddie, you’d be in a wee bit of trouble…..