California Men’s Colony inmates riot for a second day

August 30, 2019


A day after a violent riot at the California Men’s Colony left four inmates injured, 50 inmates fought in the same yard and at approximately the same time, this one requiring medical personnel to transport two inmates to a local hospital.

Shortly after 1 p.m. on Thursday, a group of approximately 35 inmates rushed a group of about 15 inmates on the Facility A yard, according to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR). Correctional officers immediately arrived at the scene and gave multiple orders to the rival inmates to stop fighting.

When the inmates did not comply, officers in observation towers fired two warning shots with their state-issued rifles. Other emergency responders used light and sound diversionary devices, as well as non-lethal projectiles, to quell the violence.

One inmate was struck in the head and lost consciousness.

The injuries the inmate suffered were not life-threatening. Responders transported the inmate, as well as another one who also suffered non-life threatening injuries, to the hospital.

On Wednesday, a riot involving 40 inmates broke out on the Facility A yard. It resulted in four prisoners being slashed or stabbed.

Investigators believe the two riots are related. The Investigative Services Unit at the Men’s Colony is investigating both incidents.

Officials also notified the CDCR’s Deadly Force Investigations Team, as well as the Office of the Inspector General, about the incidents. Authorities are limiting inmate movement on Facility A in order to facilitate the investigation.



Bay Areas plan is nothing new in the early 60s CMC was going to kill the inmates with kindness they were referred to as residents they did not have a cell they had a roomall of that changed when a resident got hold of a smart lawyer who requested a local judge to order us to have a search warrant to enter Room. There was a resident council that told the top cop how the prison should be ran.


Not much different than on the streets. Just close all the prisons and release the inmates. The state Democrats have already decided on a “Mad Max” homeless and felon-empowered future.


Problem with the report is CDCR has a policy of no warning shots, something that is clearly posted anywhere a gun can be found over watching convicts.


That was no riots the riot was May 1962 burning mattresses in the halls fires in the cells. The ring leaders had stockpiled food and any one trying to go to the dinning room was beat up. The only quad that did not participate was D quad. We had no non lethal weapons except 37 mm fin gas guns. Lasted about a week.


Different type of convicts back then, different type of staff as well…

Shocked in MB

Lets be vary careful how we refer to these “people at CMC”. If you have not read the article in the LA Times 8/22 here is the plan for the San Francisco PC agenda. You just have to love it!


Some examples include changing “felon” and “offender” to “returning resident” or “formerly incarcerated person.” A “parolee” could be described as a “person under supervision.” “Convict” could be referred to as a “currently incarcerated person,” while a “juvenile offender” or “delinquent” would be described as a “young person impacted by the justice system.”


Do you know why this is planned? You should, as you best exemplify how the general public stigmatizes those who’ve done their time and just want to move on with their lives.

Do you know why I hang on to my “ex-con” status? Because if I had the opportunity to sit next to you in lets say a business setting and listen to your ignorant rant, then I’d spring it on you and watch your face as you gulp down every one of your asinine insults while stuttering apologies that would be best left unsaid because there about as hollow as your knowledge of anything prison or convict related.

They are people, as screwed up as some of them are they are still people. The sentence they receive from the courts is nothing compared to what they face from folks like you when they’re paroled, and you wonder why a lot return…

coronet blue



fired two warning shots

When the inmates did not comply, … as well as non-lethal projectiles, to quell the violence.

I think I see the problem here.


Nothing wrong with a good prison riot


Lets play Gladiator…


Maybe it’s time to cancel recess for the kids?


I understand they’re looking for hall monitors and playground supervisors for these “kids”, why don’t you apply? The “kids” would just love you….