Plane crash lands at Paso Robles Airport

August 31, 2019

A small plane crash landed on Friday at the Paso Robles Airport, because the plane’s landing gear was not lowered. [Cal Coast Times]

Shortly before 2 p.m, the Paso Robles Department of Emergency Services responded to a report of a single engine Piper aircraft that had landed on the main runway at the airport with its landing gear retracted .

The pilot, and lone occupant of the plane, was able to get out of the aircraft before rescue personnel arrived. He was uninjured.

Airport officials closed the main runway for approximately one hour while crews removed the aircraft. Investigators are working to determine the cause of the accident.

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This appears to be a Piper Arrow (200 hp retract). There is an indicator to inform the pilot that the landing gear is still retracted: when you pull the manifold pressure handle below 15 inches for landing, if the gear is still retracted the gear warning horn will sound. It is still possible to ignore the gear horn if distracted.

In my ancient days Piper PA-28R-200 “Arrow” gear would also AUTO extend after just moments of low or descent manifold pressure. You could lock it in up/retracted position with a knob lift and press of a lockout, but the gear horn and an orange light would still pulsate like crazy unless you pulled the circuit breaker.

Barring any unknown details, this pilot DESERVES the $15,000+ repair bill and a little suspension of his certificate to mull over his mistake(s). Like said below, GUMPS you moron………..

There is no way that this pilot will get away with a $15,000 repair: body work, $10,000; engine overhaul $35,000+, new prop: $10,000. The plane may be totaled. I once had a friend bringing his plane to SLO for an engine overhaul, on final he declared an emergency in that a bolt broke on his landing gear and he landed gear up in the grass. He got a new engine, prop and body work compliments of his insurance. Hopefully, the Paso gear-up landing was the fault of a malfunction and not pilot error.

With all the technology available in the automobile sector, you would think aircraft could have a warning system to indicate the gear is up when under a certain AGL.


such a nice looking plane. new prop, engine overhaul, sheet metal work and some pint gonna cost ya. gumps – gas, undercarriage, mixture, propeller, seat belts & switches. every time you land! doh……..