Three gang members arrested for murder of Oceano man

August 17, 2019

Daniel Fuentes


San Luis Obispo sheriff detectives arrested three men on Friday for the murder of an Oceano man who was shot multiple times in the back, a source close to the investigation said. [Cal Coast Times]

Nathaniel Jara, 21, of Oceano; Robert Garay, 28, of Oceano; and his brother Gabriel Garay, 21, of San Luis Obispo are being held without bond in the killing of Daniel Fuentes Sr., 41. Deputies arrested the suspects on Wednesday for parole violations, and on Friday for the murder.

During their investigation, detectives discovered the suspects killed Fuentes under the direction of Oceano 13, a criminal street gang.

Shortly after 12 p.m. on April 2, the gang members were driving on the 2200 block of Beach Street when they spotted Fuentes outside his home. The three suspects allegedly got out of the car, argued with Fuentes and then shot him as he tried to escape.

Following the shooting, Fuentes went to a neighbor’s home, knocked on the door, told residents inside that he had been shot, and then died.

The suspects are facing charges of murder, participation in a street gang, and assisting in the criminal conduct of a street gang. They are scheduled for arraignments on Tuesday.

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At last! Justice in the works. Now get the killer of dear sweet Larry Bross.

Well in their history, members of OXIII has been responsible for murders, drug dealing and armed robberies, so I guess that makes them a criminal street gang. Now as to the intelligence of their members, well…….

To hell with prisons…we need “Escape From New York” for this ESCORIA


a criminal street gang…BAHAHAHAHAHAHA

wanna be punks.

These “wanna be punks” have guns, and that ain’t no jokin’ matter ‘_Bud!

Bet ya don’t even know what the “13” means in their gang name? Nope…

Not to worry as soon as we make all guns ownership by private citizens illegal these types of people will no longer have guns……?????

Not sure about these wanks, but In a real gang that would be 13 seconds of getting your ass beat on for initiation into.

Maybe now it’s Oceano 10 … *ducking*

I dunno, they did murder some guy. Where do you cease being a wanna be and become the real deal?

Kalifornia_Bud may need to get whacked to learn some respect. I would not dismiss the Oceano gang and I think the prospects for conviction in this case are slim and dependent on the testimony of an informant. Oceano will be gang-free only when inevitable gentrification is complete.

You are right they are punks. It took three of them to shoot one man in the back.This is such a cowardly act. Great job SLO Detectives.