Two men seriously injured in head-on crash near Shandon

August 28, 2019

Two people suffered major injuries in a crash on Highway 46 east of the Chalome Y near Shandon on Wednesday morning, according to the CHP. [Cal Coast Times]

Shortly before 7:30 a.m., Joey McGraw Jr., 29, of San Bernardino was driving west on Highway 46 when he attempted to pass a semi-truck tractor. McGraw realized he couldn’t pass the truck without colliding head-on into a vehicle going the other way, and he attempted to get back into the eastbound lane.

However, because of “his unsafe speed,” he was unable to maintain control of his vehicle and swerved out of control into the eastbound lane,” according to the CHP.

McGraw crashed head-on into a car driven by Michael Klassen, 67, of Pebble Beach. The collision propelled Klassen’s Toyota Sienna over the south side of the highway. McGraw’s Acura came to rest blocking the eastbound lane of traffic.

Both drivers sustained possible fractures and were transported to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center in San Luis Obispo.

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Correction: Make that 1955 as the death time frame for James Dean. $197M for the “Y” area and $261M total for SLO Cty road fixes.

Copy and paste into a browser while fixing the dot com at the end:

https://www.transportationca (dot com

Something tells me that if our state legislators had to use that highway it would be made safe…

Stop the carnage make the road safe to drive on or shut it down…

It’s being fixed.

Are you aware that one of elected Assemblyman J. Cunninghams top priorities if elected was to bring to the forefront and fix that dangerous Y and much of that whole 2 lane, unseparated highway that is known to locals as “blood alley?”

He kept his promise almost immediately on the job in helping to pass a resolution and securing a lot of money (IIRC, $261M) to help fix that mess out there. They will begin building a flyover structure soon that will keep the two sides of traffic away from each other. The rest is up to us drivers to stop playing bumper cars out there.

Thank you Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham for actually doing and not lying about things you would do for your constituents. Something all others gave only lip service to for decades. Ask James Deans beautiful corpse if he could have used something like this fix in the 60’s. And the many others that needlessly died due to poor planning (and poor driving) and negligence.

Anyone disbelieve me? Search Jordans name and the “Cholame Y” fix. He gets stuff done!

In a big hurry to go nowhere.

Slow down out there in “blood alley,” people.

The last three times I drove that route a speeding car heading towards me crossed the center line to pass a car or truck and I had to slow down and pull off the roadway…put a cement barricade right down the middle of the road from Paso to Bakersfield….no more passing since people can’t seem to pass safely…

Begs the question of why he was free and not doing his ten years. Was he one of those early release guys who pose no threat to society?

Join the discussion…What does this news article have to do with the head on collision on 46?

Joey McGraw Jr is what this article has to do with this story

Joey McGraw Jr is a documented Victorville gang member that was sentenced to 10 years in state prison for shooting a man in the throat and leaving him paralyzed, according to court records in October, 2013

Why was this POS out of prison (less than 6 years later!) and allowed to harm innocent people again?