Man finds loaded gun on roadside in Atascadero

September 11, 2019

While taking  an early morning walk on Wednesday, an Atascadero man found a revolver loaded with five bullets on the side of the road.

The man found the gun on the 8500 block of Graves Creek Road, and picked it up. He then dropped the loaded .22 caliber handgun off at the Atascadero Police Department.

Officers are looking for the owner of the firearm described as an older handgun in poor condition, Lt. Jason Carr said.

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Well, it was just luck that children didn’t find this gun. Anyone this casual with a loaded weapon (or even an unloaded one) should have it confiscated. Seriously. It is a sober responsibility to possess a lethal weapon designed specifically for gravely wounding or killing.

Some people love to compare cars as lethal weapons, saying “Why don’t you want to outlaw them?”. Well, we expect drivers to be properly educated and regulated, passing tests, being licensed, being insured for damage they might inflict, paying annual fees and passing frequent inspections of their vehicles. Why should fire arms be different? Hmm? And if you throw the “Second Amendment” at me, I will simply suggest we add membership in an actual “well ordered militia” to the qualifications list. That would be fine with me.

Others try to sell the idea that if there were more guns (if everybody had one) then there would be so much less violence. Love that one. Overlooking the statistics about the developed countries where the less guns, the less gun crime, perhaps we could try to replicate the old wild west, where everyone was packin’, because, well, no one ever got shot then……

Guess I just have a bit more attitude since we had an “Active Shooter” educational talk by a Deputy at our church last Sunday. It hurts my heart to think that he was one of the very people who would have to run towards the shooter. Fun is fun and I am sure some of your delicate egos get a real boost from owning a way to kill whomever you think deserves it, but I think this has all gone waaaaay past far enough. Time to rethink. For those of us who can.

The headline should read: “Man steals gun from roadside; Surrenders himself to police.”

Does this connect with the naked lady found in the car found up north…

Was it wrapped in toilet paper?

Here go the Cantrell jokes…


The obvious here is screaming…..just screeeaming.

Deanna Cantrell: person of interest.