Searchers locate final victim of Conception boat disaster

September 11, 2019

Searchers recovered the body of the last missing victim from the Conception boat disaster on Wednesday.

Last week, 34 people were killed in a raging fire on the dive boat. Five of the six crew members aboard the boat managed to escape.

Dive teams recovered most of the bodies last week, but the search for the remaining victim had to be suspended over the weekend because of poor weather conditions.

“The Conception Incident Unified Command is relieved to report that search-and-recovery efforts today were successful in locating the last missing victim,” according to the sheriff’s department.

With the assistance of rapid DNA technology, the Coroner’s Office is working to confirm the identities of the seven unidentified victims.

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Though you might not think so, fire is the worst thing that can happen on a boat.

Surrounded by water, a boat has a myriad of flammable materials.

From wood covered in lacquer, to propane tanks in the galley, hydraulic oil systems, diesel or gasoline tanks, etc.

Throw in passengers charging phones, cameras, computers, all with lithium batteries, plus dozens of dive tanks, people sleeping below decks in cramped quarters, it’s a wonder tragedies like this don’t happen all the time.

Maybe that’s a testament to the crews, or maybe just dumb luck?