Officer Josh Walsh shoots dog at SLO apartment

September 26, 2019


A San Luis Obispo woman was surprised, but not worried, to see several officers approaching her Santa Rosa Street apartment; she had broken no laws. Within minutes, an officer following up on a tip of a possible burglary, shot and critically wounded her dog. [Cal Coast Times]

Thursday had started out rough; Riley Manford had broken her bedroom window while trying to force it open. Shortly after she cleaned up the mess, her 7-year-old dog Bubbers began barking at two officers who were walking towards her front door.

One of the officers explained they were following up on a tip that someone was trying to break into her apartment through a window.

“I told them it was me. I live here, my window is broken,” Manford said.

While the first officer appeared calm, the second officer, Josh Walsh, had drawn his gun, appeared agitated, and was cursing, Manford said.

“He said, ‘Take control of your fucking dog!’ ” Manford said. “I told him he was a friendly dog and asked him to put his gun down so I could get Bubbers. He shot at him three times, hit him twice.”

Following the shooting, the dog was transported in critical condition to a veterinary clinic where he underwent emergency surgery.

Officers are conducting an investigation into the incident.


How to deal with the entrenched, intransigent, un-accountable, un-touchable local police force:

1. Awareness. If We, the People are going to fix anything we first must understand the problem clearly. Police are endowed with greater rights than We, the People. Along with these super-rights—use of force, wearing of body armor, ability to break the law during the course of duty in order to enforce the law on us, immunity from crimes committed in the line of duty, etc.—-they are tasked with “preventing” crime. Prevention is where the trouble comes, as in order to prevent actual crime they must start by preventing non-crimes……which means they are busybodies with guns. Add in alcohol, military hardware and drug abuse and you’ve got the local police.

Any time We, The People can strike down laws or legalize any behavior that doesn’t harm others, we take away from the cop’s “prevention” efforts and make ourselves safer.

2. Avoidance: Do not call the police. Do not talk to them. Do not help them. Do not “tip them off.” Do not engage them in any way. Doing so is dangerous. Imagine calling officer Walsh for a domestic disturbance! Don’t give the police anything to do…’s better to suffer a small crime from a burglar than to call in the steroid-taking, gun toting, angry, fear-for-their-life-all-day-and-night cops.

Avoiding cops is not easy….but a good start is to obey all speed limits, keep registration on your car current, make your houses safe, never drink and drive, etc. I cannot stress how fundamental avoidance is. If you’re not near police you can’t be abused by them.

3. Attrition: Do not give them money. (other than shakedown/fine money which you must pay or else) No fund raisers. No “family fun day” crap. Do not vote to increase their budgets if you have that choice. Do not support anything that calls for more police.

More importantly, do everything in your power to insure that your children, nieces, nephews, cousins or friends do not sign up to be cops. If there’s a cop shortage because being a cop is being a social pariah….this is a good thing given the context of our current situation.

By far, the most important thing is to avoid violence in all forms. Cops can threaten us, shoot us, taze us, break our arms, falsely arrest us, lie about evidence, etc. They can and do use violence and lies against us every day.

Never, ever, under any circumstances should we do the same. We’d be just as bad as they are if we did. Violence is always wrong when it comes to our civic responsibilities. Plus, cops aren’t afraid of violence…..they train for it and plan for it….and many of them like it and welcome the opportunity. What could be more fun than rolling out an urban assault vehicle and putting on all that fun military gear?

While threat of violence won’t help us and will only embolden them, they are afraid of being social pariah’s and of course they don’t like pay cuts or pension cuts……so we’ve got to starve them, so to speak.

Lastly, realize that there’s no such thing as a “good” cop. If there were, these good cops would arrest the rogue cops they are surrounded by everywhere. Not only does this not happen…..the opposite happens! Sociopaths and psychopaths are not “good” people! Don’t forget that!

hold it what

Thank you for your perspective. We are in trouble, aren’t we?

Who is going to be next victim, I wonder!

If you call the SLOPD, will you be taking your life in your hands or your loved ones, or your pets, or neighbors?

That is what the above opinion is saying.

That is where we are at in this county, and I say county because the SLOPD can obviously go anywhere they please.

So, we the people, can take it and live like this, do all of, docT, said to do, or be proactive.

There needs to be a powerful voice!

As a people, together, that can be achieved.

Those that are already identified need to be held accountable so that the message is sent that,



Today, when the government controls the media, the economy, the cops and everything else….the “powerful” voice you speak of is, by definition a government/status quo voice. So many today take up the mantle of “saving the planet,” or “woke” social justice politics…thinking they’re making a grass-roots change for the better. All they’re actually doing is following leftist (or in some cases right-wing) political signals.

We can’t be “pro-active.” The proscribed actions we are allowed to take with permission simply won’t amount to anything.

The myth that people can “band together” and accomplish things is just that….a myth. Real change happens organically and often suddenly.

Incremental change is the sole purview of government….that’s how we got here…one small, pre-planned step at a time…. They, by virtue of their monopolistic control of message, force and law….have put up every sort of legal and physical barrier to the public holding them accountable.

You simply cannot “hold them accountable.” That option evaporated decades ago. We can ignore them, hold them in contempt, avoid them and most of all, make being a cop the most “uncool” and horrible choice a person can make.

Then, we should all learn a lesson: vigorous opposition to tyranny must take place the moment a would-be tyrant tries something…..not decades after they have been free to foist their plans on us.

hold it what

I find a lot of truth in what you say docT.

But, then what?

So, according to you, it is futile to try and hold them accountable.

So, what then?

You say, it is almost impossible for us to stand up to the status quo.

So, we shouldn’t even try?

Wrong or right, I refuse to be hopeless, and I believe that there are good cops, good people, and that we can as a people affect change.

We just can’t sit idly by while those in power take advantage of us.

We must fight for our rights and to bring down those that would squelch them.

hold it what

Loose gun Cantrell, expert child removal S Walsh, quick draw J Walsh, side line Dickel, look the other way Dietrick, air head Harmon, lol.

Our fair city

(Oh, and let’s not forget our state the art court record keeping/dissemination to law enforcement systems)


This situation is getting out of hand. If SLOPD shows up at your door, even if you haven’t done anything wrong, chances are that it won’t end well. You are going to have a bad day.

You can’t have people if their houses are being burglarized saying “Whatever you do, don’t call the police department!”

That would be bad.


It is absolutely not safe to call SLO PD. The chances of losing life, limb or property are WAY higher if these guys show up to “help.” There are statistics that bear this out.

The Mafia is both “safer” and less expensive than a city police force. At this point in time if the police didn’t have a monopoly, I’d choose the mafia for protection.


I did home repair type service calls around SLO County for 5+ years. Every day walking in or driving in peoples driveways and yards. I only had 2 dogs that blocked me 100%, barking waiting for the owner.

Was never bit but made a lot of friends with the bag of dog treats in the van. Seven treats was the max I had to toss before someones pet was my bud. I did have one rottweiler in see canyon that jumped in the open van and tried to steal the whole bag.

Never had to shoot a dog, I did use the stern voice on a few. Bad Uff da drop the bag…..



You are a man after my own heart. You are a solid citizen.


Check out this horrible tragedy when an officer panicked and shot at a charging dog. So many other options besides shooting.


Man from shooting peoples dogs to..kicking in doors and taking kids away…breaking peoples arms and loosing weapons…whats next at the SLO cop shop?….and law enforcement has been my life…this dept needs better leadership….


Officer Walsh was afraid for his safety. Who of us would not shoot several dogs every day because we are also afraid for our safety? Zero? None? Nobody? Yep.

Why is it that we’ve allowed cops to have a monopoly on force?

Why is it that we have allowed cops to shoot animals and non-police humans when they feel nervous?

Why cannot we serfs do the same thing?

Answer: Because cops are special. Dogs and non-cop serfs are not.


Officer Walsh and his wife Suzie were both involved in the fiasco on O’Connor Way during the hunt for Deanna’s gun. They are both hand puppets of the chief. Deanna saved Suzie’s job a few years ago when she lied and now she will get to save Josh “Shakiest Gun In The West” Walsh. These two will be doing a lot of groveling from here on out. “ yes, Deanna your hair looks great”, “no Deanna those men’s trousers don’t make your ass look big”, “of course you’re normal Deanna, everybody has their car stolen with a naked woman inside.”

What a f*cking joke SLOPD has become.


Mayors are responsible for the police chief who is done responsible for the officers on the line. Citizens are responsible electing of the mayor.

Anyone who wants to point the finger has three fingers pointing back at them.

Better government requires participation in actual citizenship. Better citizens make better government.


Why no follow up on the stolen car naked woman story? Too mundane, happens every day?