Pit bull attacks and kills dog in Grover Beach

September 12, 2019


Authorities are searching for a dog, suspected to be a pit bull, that attacked and killed another dog in Grover Beach Wednesday morning.

Shortly before 10 a.m., a resident was walking their dog near Hero Park when what appeared to be a pit bull with a red collar attacked the smaller dog, police said. The injured dog was transported to a local pet emergency room, where it succumbed to its injuries.

Grover Beach police and SLO County Animal Services officers responded to the scene following the attack. The presumed pit bull had fled the area before officers arrived.

Grover Beach police are asking the public for help in locating the dog. Any residents who live in the area of South 16th Street and La Selva Avenue and have seen or know of the suspected pit bull with a red collar are asked to contact the police department at (805) 781-4400.

In line with San Luis Obispo County protocol, animal services staffers are leading the investigation into the deadly dog attack.

Francesca Bolognini

An aggressive dog is a weapon. Allowing it to run the neighborhood attacking and killing is the fault of the owner, who should have full control of their animal and have gotten training to correct the viscous behavior in the first place. Anyone who allows this to happen should see significant jail time.


Not according to Jorge Estrada. If a large aggressive dog encounters a small aggressive (or not) dog it gets to kill it. The large dog owner has no responsibility.


My condolences to the owner of the little dog. This must have been a horrible experience.

At least you were not attacked, too. I am so sorry.

Jorge Estrada

If a Chihuahuas were as big as a Pit Bull, they’d be illegal. They only think they’re a large dog.


Anyone wanna bet that the owner of the aggressive dog does more time in jail than former officer Geiger did when his dog killed a person?


Concealed carry could solve that issue. Next one might be a little kid.


You’re kidding, right? You’d try and shoot a moving dog in a residential area? This ain’t the wild west Pard’, it surely ain’t! And you ain’t no Wild Bill, so holster it and possibly save a human life.


No, actually I’d hit it, in fact I have made even more difficult shots. So, “pardner” you see, some of us actually know how to shoot even though we are not law enforcement. In fact I know several people who can shoot as well or better than me.


How could you miss a dog a few feet in front of you? Easy shot. It’s a wild world out there in dog walking land. If I had a dog that I walked, I’d be packing for sure.