San Luis Obispo developer denied pay-to-stay jail stay

October 4, 2019

Ryan Petetit-Wright


It has been almost four years since Ryan Petetit, now known as Ryan Wright, violently assaulted his former girlfriend, years of Wright living the high-life while his victim lived in fear. On Thursday, deputies booked Wright into the San Luis Obispo County Jail to begin serving a 270 day sentence. [Cal Coast Times]

Through multiple legal maneuvers, including changing his name, Wright was able to delay his sentencing for a 2015 assault until July 2019. At that time, the court ordered Wright to begin serving his sentence on Sept. 1, but Wright applied to do his time at a pay-to-stay jail, which again delayed his incarceration.

Pay-to-stay jails are safer and often offer amenities such as newer beds and flat screen televisions. In support of his pay-to-stay jail request, Wright claimed he had received threats. He did not disclose if the threats were because of his history of assaulting women or related to his alleged fraudulent business practices.

Nevertheless, both SLO County Sheriff Ian Parkinson and Judge Dodie Harman denied Wright’s request. Wright is scheduled for release from jail on Feb. 14.

On the evening of Nov. 22, 2015, Wright and his girlfriend began arguing at a home they shared in Arroyo Grande.

The argument turned physical with Wright shoving his girlfriend and yelling. Wright grabbed her by the throat and began choking her. He then dragged her to her feet and shoved her head through a bathroom window, shattering the glass.

She attempted to escape, but Wright took her phone and pushed her into a closet, refusing to release her, she said. While she fought to free herself, Wright slammed her head into the tile floor, knocking her unconscious.

Arroyo Grande police officers arrested Wright a few days later.

Wright is currently facing multiple allegations of fraud related to a his involvement in a real estate and investment firm affiliated with attorney John Belsher and San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill.

In 2012, Belsher and Wright created PB Companies. Since then, their portfolio has grown to include more than a dozen projects that Belsher and Wright valued at more than $300 million in 2015.

Multiple affiliates of Belsher and Wright claim Hill worked as a paid consultant for the developers working to promote their projects. Even though Hill identifies himself on documents filed with the state as the “managing member” of a limited liability corporation tied to Belsher and Wright, Hill has repeatedly denied that he works with the developers.


guess Ryan Petetit-Wright learned you either have to be a city employee, related to one, a friend of one or you have to keep up with the payments to Adam Hill and such to receive special treatment


Hill’s corruption poisons many of this county’s officials. The day of reckoning is near, but probably will occur without the help of Diddling DA Dan Dow. See more corruption here.


With the help of Adam Hill, John Belsher and Adam Hill have destroyed many people financially. And all the while, the Tribune and New Times failed to report on issues with their development company or their ties to Adam Hill.


Really too bad that the SLO City employee wasn’t treated to actual time with fellow physical abusers in the county “pokey,” as the Mexican population would surely have treated him to some “in kind” treatment for what he did to an innocent woman civilian, day after day…

That said, the refusal to allow a “pay to stay” term here, appears to show how the gubment seeks to punish a regular citizen, while allowing one of their own, “a break.” That is criminal.

Not that what this punk, Ryan Petetit-Wright, was convicted of makes him “regular.”

Given his boyish appearance, it is likely he will be “unwillingly” engaging in the same activity, or worse, that landed him in jail. It is highly likely he will get what he gave, in spades. Karma can be a real witch, with a “B.”


citizen’ you’re so out of touch with (jail) reality it’s comical! This POS is more likely to get what you seem to wish on him from his own race, that would be white folk, then any “Mexican” (especially in a lily-white SLO County Jail).

All he has to do is stand his ground, show some heart and he’ll be just fine. As much as I despise individuals like this, as much as they’re despised by the general population of any jail, there are far too many consequences for putting your hands on him (he’d probably rat in a second as well). But I do see him in a single cell, monitored pretty much all the time and restricted from comingling with the GP, not so much for his protection but tp protect the county from any liability.

Karma is a bitch, I’m living proof of that, but it usually doesn’t come back in like manner…


ATF wrote: But I do see him in a single cell, monitored pretty much all the time and restricted from comingling with the GP, not so much for his protection but tp protect the county from any liability.

You mean like?:


The Sheriffs will not disclose inmate information, period, much less by race.

So happy to be able to provide comical relief.

Denis Leary – Asshole (Official Uncensored Version)


Whats going on at the courthouse, how is this justice? The city employee thug gets 30 days at the Seal Beach Hilton for a violent attack. Wright gets 135 days for 5 felonies at SLO CO, And Sherri gets 90 days for stealing from children. All three are laughing their asses off and their lawyers are raising their fees.


You must be new to SLO Co. Poor little mamas boy Wright feels threatened going to a real jail. Im sure the women you beat on felt just fine while you kidnapped, beat, tortured, and verbally harassed. People like you will never change. You’ll whine and cry your a changed man and within a couple months of release you’ll find your next victim. Man up you little pud and enjoy your 270 days of being somebody’s play toy.

what the

Five months in jail for that many violent felonies is pay to play. The legal system connected to Adam Hill is very corrupt in SLO.


A jail sentence from October 3 to February 14 is not 270 days.


I don’t mean to ShootTheMessenger, but who in the blue blazes do you think you are for actually being able to pay attention?

Sheesh, another stand up citizen rides again. ;-)

Roy Rogers sings “DON’T FENCE ME IN” in “Hollywood Canteen” with TRIGGER

Please take notice as Roy rides out of the canteen and pauses to shake the service man’s hand at the end.


Inmates usually only spend 50 percent of their sentence in jail, and then out on good behavior.


Exactly, I think the formula is they get one day off for good behavior for each day served, so only serve half their assigned sentence unless they get into trouble in jail. Maybe his next, future, offense will net him a longer stay. No doubt he’ll re-offend – he’s an insecure little boy trying to keep up in the adult world.


Unless the court orders “day-for-day”…


Unless he’s released sooner he’s due to get out on Valentines Day…isn’t that sweet?

I hope his real name preceded and/or follows him wherever he goes. He’ll never be Wright to those he’s abused and scammed.


I’d like to send him a slippery bar of soap:)