Kmart closing Atascadero store

November 8, 2019


After more than 40 years in business, Kmart will close its store in Atascadero in February.

In the latest round of closures, Transformco is set to shutter 45 Kmart stores and 51 Sears locations in February, including the Sears store in Santa Maria. Over the past 15 years, the company has closed 3,500 Sears and Kmart stores and eliminated about 250,000 jobs.

On Dec. 2, the stores’ going out of business sales will begin.

The company reports it “has faced a difficult retail environment and other challenges.”

See the full list of store closures.


Online works. One truck delivers all that you, your neighbor, your neighbor’s neighbor….need without all of us driving individually to multiple stores, flipping each other off in traffic, waiting 3 signal cycles to get through an intersection, fighting for parking spaces… A computer and a good farmer’s market are all I need to get what I want.


Here here! Keep it simple, keep it local, keep it clean and sane. Keep our neighborhood great, as always. Minus segregation; stamped on the B building at Atascadero High school! And EG being nuts, and racist.


Just turn it into a retail outlet mall. Oh wait, there’s one just down the block going out of business also. Never mind.


Grocery discount is doing a very great job, and sell excess overstock, vs walmarts cheap corporate tactics. But, who cares about economically say business that save people money and reduce waste??


No problem they can just go to their Walmart, Oh wait that’s right they fought to prevent that…..


I used to work there at Kmart. And atascadero fought tooth and nail to have that Dump called Walmart; whom tried to screw the town of millions, kicked out. Walmart stores are closing nation wide, leaving mall like structures, and towns on the hook for millions. Avoided having one of the most toxic, sued and reckless businesses around, unless you’re a Boomer and don’t understand facts pertaining Walmart and it’s lawsuites etc. Now mom and pop can thrive even more. I’m sad to see kmart go, I worked there when I was young in atascadero, my first job as a kid, 20 years ago. God forbid paying a small markup to keep small business alive and well and a community in tact Kayaknut. Pretty rediculous response, a Boomer response. Pennies from heaven, here in hell with Walmart.


I was in a position at one time in my life that afforded me an inside view of Kmart, one that still lingers in my mind when I think of the overall incompetence of that corporation.

I was in a store in Dunwoody, Georgia, one of the most affluent neighborhoods in the North Fulton County area of Georgia, doing an audit on that location. The following year they had shown a “shrink” of over a million dollars. a million dollars! Our audit showed a “shrink” of approximately 1.25 million dollars! If any of you out there know the retail business you’d agree these type of numbers are incomprehensible, right? Not there, not with Kmart (I wish I was privy to their gross sales numbers as this would have better shown the enormity of these numbers).

Here’s the thing; most of that “shrink” was directly related to employee theft, some of which I personally witnessed while doing our audit! I watched employees wheeling merchandise off the back docks right into their vehicle or the awaiting hands of others. If it’s employee theft on that magnitude who is that related to? Most would agree both a continuing culture that is either ignored or encouraged by management, right? The management team we worked with was the same as the following year’s and continued after we left.

What’s my point? Kmart should have shuddered its doors long ago, and when it combined forces with Sears, another corporation I was involved in audits with, it should have come sooner rather than later. I often wonder if that type of “shrink”, which was happening corporate wide, was somehow related to the purchase by Sears? Less stock, less product, means a lower purchase price, right?


Atascadero kmart had rampant internal theft fyi, I remember an arshole manager stealing over 5k, and employee gossip of theft which is horrible, sad and true. I guess people posting here hate their local mom and pop community and neighbors vs corporations and enjoy Walmart; wanting 3 to 4 million dollars for road litigation they promised to pay in a round about, then said we’d be on the hook, and having that Idiot former mayor still put me, the taxpayer and diverted sewage funds, on the hook. Walmart or clean water???? And voted for walmart? Thank the Lord that fool ran his 12 year term limit, and PAY raises, cover ups, diverted funds!!! Speaking of snowflakes complaining about the 5 cities!!. Feelings over morals, academics, religion and facts here in Trumpland. Crooked Tom and his great pal and family wrecker, Kelly Gearhart, where’s that guys kid at? And his aunts life’s savings, how about the money he owed to destroyed lives those Walmart supporting, quid pro quo loving heathens? Both in heaven, rest in peace. Thanks Tom for making Atascadero Worsest Again than ever and bring LA here, crooked Tom! Fyi, Kellys kid pulled a Bernie Madolfs kids disappearing act, get it?, thanks Tom and friends, you swamp monsters!