Paso Robles police arrest suspected bank robber

November 16, 2019

Michael Wallravin


Police arrested a man suspected of robbing the Pacific Premier Bank in Paso Robles at gunpoint on Friday morning, hours after the robbery.

At 9:20 a.m., two masked men entered the bank holding handguns, and demanded cash. After bank staff handed the robbers an undisclosed amount of money, they fled in a gold Honda.

Shortly afterwards, they allegedly abandoned the Honda for a white Chevy truck. With the help of the CHP, the sheriff’s department and the FBI, police found the truck in San Miguel.

A short time later, officers discovered the owner of the truck, 61-year-old Michael Wallravin, in Paso Robles. After a short foot pursuit, officers arrested Wallravin for robbery and booked him into the San Luis Obispo County Jail with his bail set at $60,000.

Officers are looking for two people of interest who they would like to speak to in connection with the robbery: William Weldon Chandler, 61, and Billy Benjamin Hernandez, 47.

Detectives are asking anyone with information about the people of interest or the robbery to call Detective Lickness at 805-227-7450. Anonymous tips can be made to Crime Stoppers at (805) 549-STOP.

Less than two months ago, on Sept. 23, an armed man wearing a mask robbed the same bank branch. Investigators have not released information on whether or not they think the two armed bank robberies are connected.

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$60,000 seems pretty mild for armed robbery and evading arrest.

Thanks to all the law enforcement agencies involved in the arrest of this guy. Nice job! May more arrest soon follow. I felt a need to stand up for them after the recent story on local police officers being arrested for various crimes. There are bad officers just like there are bad teachers, bad college professors, bad journalist, and bad politicians. Please remember not to broad brush all of these professions because of the bad ones. Let get a backbone and weed the bad ones out. Again, thanks to all of the officers who broke this case. God bless you.

Did you notice the article correctly identified this man as a “suspect”? Save the ticker-tape parade until he’s had his day in court and either pleads out or is found guilty, or have you forgotten our right to a presumption of innocence?

Wow! I’m not asking for a parade. Just giving thanks to law enforcement. Why all the bitterness?

No bitterness, just a reminder of that lost American Constitutional Right of due process, that’s all. Something that most here would demand if they were ever accused of a crime, right? What would you post if this man was wrongly convicted because he could not find an impartial judge or jury due to your overzealous and ill-informed rush to judgment? Would you admonish the police, and would it matter? He would be locked up losing a portion of his life anyway, and, as history has shown more often than not the police wouldn’t be held accountable.

Someone else here suggested watching the pro cop show PD Live, can I suggest CopWatch America? It’s enlightening, and terribly entertaining without the glitz and glitter of Hollywood….!

LOL, care to make a friendly wager on his guilt vs innocence??

That innocence is only prior to being arrested due to probable cause that he committed the crime. To get the conviction they must prove it with admissible evidence… But no one has to cover their eyes or ears to the facts brought out in the media, nor worry about proving his guilt, that is the law’s job…

“That innocence is only prior to being arrested due to probable cause that he committed the crime.”

Sorry, that’s not how it works, not one frickin’ bit. Probable cause is subjective as to the mindset of those gathering your “admissible evidence” and those deciding its admissibility, this is why there is a discovery process so that evidence can be examined by the defense and then challenged when appropriate.

No place in Article 5 or 14 does it state, or imply, that your due process rights diminish when arrested, as a matter of fact it’s only then that they become relevant.

Studies show that somewhere between 4 and 5 percent of those imprisoned are innocent, about 4 percent of those sentenced to death are innocent, and they were all arrested with probable cause and convicted on the evidence gathered. How would you explain that?

Since 1976 166 people have been exonerated from their conviction and saved from their death sentences, all of which were arrested on probable cause and convicted by admissible evidence. What you imply would have surely caused each and every one of these people being put to death as innocent people.

I believe the Constitution and due process is happening here. I’m not rushing to judgement at all. It seems to me that we are sliding more and more to where criminals are not being held accountable for their actions. Thanks to the bleeding heart Socialist, Progressive, Liberal politicians.

Why is ATF downvoted here? He is correct.

Just one bad journalist…?

Your absolutely right. I stand corrected.

Yea, you’re right! Just look to Faux News and their own variety of bad “journalists”. Special, very special breed their.

Wow again!!! Hey ATF, are the scales on your eyes narrowing your view to the point of not seeing the lack of journalism in the reporting on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS and others. When was the last time you seen a positive story on law enforcement, our military, or the hard working tax paying citizen of this country. It’s always easier to tare down, destroy and be deceitful to push a narrative than report the facts I guess. All of this bitterness just for thanking law enforcement for doing their job? Wow!!

True journalism isn’t practiced by most news commentating outlets, true journalism is practiced by those who go out and dig up stories, find and nurture sources, check and recheck facts and then present it to the public in a non-partisan informative way without passing judgement. The problem with Faux News, and why I dig at them whenever I can, is they are the mouth piece of the conservative right and within that group Faux can do no wrong when they do so more often then not! 60% of their “reporting” has either been found to be mostly true to down right lies; and if mostly true is alright with the Party of Trump The Pervert then the lies are their bread and butter.

Bitter I’m not, a realist I am. You can look all over the internet and the media for positive stories on law enforcement and you’ll find them, what you’re currently seeing is people taking back their rights that they have lost to a bunch of lawless LEO’s and LEA’s without consequence or accountability. I respect a cop who does his or her job, one that puts their life in jeopardy protecting the public, problem is that it’s extremely difficult to tell them apart from the bad ones, ones with their own laws, at the moment. Then you always, always have to contend with that thin blue line when you ask as “good” cop to back you up when you’re wronged by one of their peers, it just won’t happen! Until you experience it, which I have, you have no idea…

Your long winded answer proves my “Bitterness” point. Moving on.

Just movin’ on? But not until you get the last word in, right? Nice….