Paso Robles school district official charged with conflict of interest

November 2, 2019


A former Paso Robles Joint Unified School District official allegedly approved nearly $3,000 in contracts to a company he had a financial interest in, according to the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office. [Cal Coast Times]

District administrators asked the district attorneys office to review evidence Gregg Joseph Wangard, 42, the district’s former Director of Food Services had violated conflict of interests laws. After reviewing the evidence, the District Attorney’s Office charged Wangard with five misdemeanor counts related to publicly contracting with a company he has a financial interest in.

Wangard is accused of making contracts for services with Kelle & Co. Consulting, an entity owned by his spouse. In the criminal complaint, prosecutors accuse Wangard of approving multiple contracts, with a total value of $2,775, between Nov. 2015 and June 3, 2019.

“While the evidence does not support charges of theft or fraud, it is clear that Mr. Wangard had a prohibited financial interest in the contracts made with his wife’s business,” said District Attorney Dan Dow. “The Public Integrity Unit pursues charges such as these when appropriate to hold specific officials accountable and to deter future conduct by others.”

Wangard is scheduled for an arraignment on Nov. 18.

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So where was this Public Integrity Unit when a loaded Glock was left on the tp dispenser at Pollo Loco?

Smokescreen, the PRUSD isn’t bankrupt due to $2,775.

Oh, so now Dow recognizes a conflict of interest as illegal? How about Charles Tenborg getting all of IWMA’s contracts, before a bidding process? How much did you take to look the other way, Dow?

Lock him up.

Seriously Dow? How about all of Adam Hill’s serious conflicts of interests? His dealings with John Belsher and Ryan Wright (Petetit?) Grow some balls and do your job. And why does your Public Integrity Unit only target “specific” officials? Maybe the ones who don’t pay for protection? Dirty, dirty, dirty.

This comes out to $63/month. Better start checking his offshore accounts, maybe we can recover the funds…

Why not recuse yourself man? $3,000 is hardly worth this haste.

“Conflict of interest laws?” Huh? We have conflict of interest laws in San Luis Obispo County? Please, someone get Adam Hill on the phone (yes I know you’ll disturb his dinner, but he’s a big boy and can climb back into the high-chair when he’s done) Let him know that Dan Dow is promising to enforce “conflict of interest laws” in SLO county. I’m sure Adam will get a big laugh out of that, pat ol’ Dan Dow on the back of the head; and maybe even loosen the puppet strings just a little so Dan can get a good nights sleep. OMG this is so incredibly illustrative of how California is currently being Governed at the moment. Newsom siphons off new gas tax monies to keep high-speed rail on life support, meanwhile Diane Frankenstein’s husband reaps the profit. Did we mention that HSR is only going to be completed between Merced and Bakersfield, about a 3 hour drive over flat ground. Did I mention that there is no commercial airline service between these two locations, BECAUSE nobody is bothered by the drive? Or can afford the fare? It would be smarter just to send the millions to Disney to keep the monorail running, at least it has historical significance and actually serves a population in need. MEANWHILE let’s go on a witch hunt for those people who are really ripping off the tax payers. Hey, how about that Wanguard guy? You know, the Grand Poobah of school culinary…..whatever. He sent about $2,700 his wife’s way to provide a service to the district. Yeah, it wasn’t procedure. Anytime you award a contract having anything to do with the actual feeding or well being of the students, THEN you have to make sure you use the lowest bidder (with no conflict of interest).

Really?, for a lousy 3000$ the DA is all over this, how come the DA hasn’t jumped all over the crooks at the waste management board this quick, or a hill or the top cop, this sucks.