Several SLO County cities seeking an increase in sales tax

November 15, 2019


Several San Luis Obispo County cities are considering pursuing sales tax increase initiatives that could appear on the 2020 ballots. [KSBY]

On Tuesday, the Atascadero City Council approved allocating $25,000 for a consultant to survey residents about a potential sales tax measure.

Previously, Grover Beach hired a consultant for $30,000 to survey residents on what they like and dislike about city services. One of the survey questions was whether residents would support a half-cent sales tax increase to fund neighborhood police patrols, crime watch, traffic enforcement and other services.

City Manager Matthew Bronson said, despite the city receiving more than 10 percent of its revenue from its new marijuana tax, there are ongoing police and fire staffing needs.

The cities of Morro Bay and San Luis Obispo are also considering sales tax hike initiatives.

Currently, all seven SLO County cities have sales tax rates of 7.75 percent. Each of the seven cities have adopted their own half percent sales taxes in the past.

Last November, Paso Robles voters rejected an additional half percent sales tax hike that appeared on the ballot. Voters rejected the tax hike on a 53.28 percent to 46.72 percent vote.

San Luis Obispo floated the idea of a placing a sales tax hike on the 2018 ballot but tabled the idea because of a lack of support.


These tax increases are nothing more than to cover the outrageous public employee pensions.


Why is there never any search for cost reductions?

Budgets have two sides.


Meanwhile, this week Caren Ray Russom led her fellow ‘yes’ council members in voting themselves a raise. And the residents of Arroyo Grande are facing tax increases on several fronts. Somehow voters don’t remember this stuff when it’s time to vote.



Dump all the tax-hiking losers, start with Caren Ray Rossum and Heidi Harmon.


In regard to atascadero, the council is majority conservative, Republican; and i am not judging here, and Moreno was appointed suggested by Tom O’Malley and ran unaposed. Susan Funk is registered Democratic, idk how she voted on this proposal. They already had a sales tax initiative, for roads. But this current council of former members specifically, including heather, have and will continue to make odd economic decisions, gung ho on expansion. The police chief already makes 170k yearly, and atown PD is efficient, yet abrassive. If a tax was proposed, homelessness is a huge issue and bitched about in a negative light. I’d like to see housing for societal re integration of homeless and poor and make taxes that way to make up for taxes, or low income housing to own, not rent. Renting is a horrible means of endenturment in this era. What does atown need for police;? Ex military swat crap? That’s the sherriff arena. I prefer my neighbors in atown looking after me, not more police presence, especially this counties terrible police record. Lift the poor=less crime= less taxes locking people up. And 25k study to bribe the public is BS.


Come on people the raises have to come from somewhere.


Sure. What is the limit then on tax based salaries?


The Sky


Hilarious, you need to spend 30k to have a consultant tell you people don’t want their taxes increased, that could have been done for $10.00.

Ralph Snart

I’ll tell you that for free. Obvious still remains obvious.


What a waste of tax payer money: $30,000 consultants to survey people to see if they want to pay higher taxes. Sadly, you can’t make this crap up.


Please voice yourself at a council meeting too, we all need to go public on the record of our collective disputes here, as Slo County citizens of diverse beliefs. We are all feeling the same thing here.


Make 101 a toll road. Collect monies at Santa Maria bridge, 166, 46, 41 and Camp Roberts. That’s a lot of vehicles in each direction 24/7. Hwy One should stay free because it is a pretty drive.




Once the toll-roads appear they will never leave. There will always be a rationale for the toll $$.


With no alternative route? Surely you jest.


We need more:


Fire fighters

Probation officers

city jobs


health benefits for city workers

expensive park benches

litter removal

holiday lighting

road repair

weed abatement

animal control

bicycle lanes

air quality management

food inspectors

restaurant inspectors

diversity consulting

gender inclusiveness

……and a TON of other things.

We all need this. We all want this. We all demand this….

So let’s up the sales tax to 10%! Shoot, I’m only paying 72% of my income in taxes. I say we pay 12% sales tax. I’d even go for 15%.

We need all this. Especially those who work for the city.


Totally agree with your sarcasm here. All these emeritus are jack crap if there aren’t regular people here and the means to live, ie, self help housing etc, unless you like Rich rich transplants building mansions in the hills looking down at the over taxed commoner being controlled and regulated to hell. We all need to go to council meetings, and to vote; vote not for party, but for the good of our home, it’s people, and it’s soil and country. It doesn’t matter what party is in control anymore, politicians screw anyone and everyone. Especially Tom o Malley and friends.