Central Coast police officer arrested following bar fight

December 21, 2019

Officer Marco Pavico


A University of California Santa Barbara police officer was arrested after he pulled his gun and flashed his badge during a Dec. 15 fight at a downtown Santa Barbara nightclub. [KCOY]

On Dec. 17, information about the officer’s involvement in the fight was posted on social media. Santa Barbara police mounted an investigation into the incident shortly after spotting the social media post.

Officers determined Marco Pavico was off-duty and under the influence of alcohol when he got into an argument and displayed his gun and badge.

The UCSB police chief seized Pavico’s gun and placed him on leave pending an investigation.

Pavico is facing charges of battery and brandishing a firearm. The criminal investigation is ongoing.


Officers determined Marco Pavico was off-duty and under the influence of alcohol .

Suppose you create a job that allows for:

1. Employees to literally be “above the law” for any and all crimes committed in the course of duty (and a ton more that they can commit off duty)

2. Entrance to the special class of people who can wear body armor and carry any weapon they wish any time they wish

3. Training in the Reed Technique and other methods of lying and deception. (look it up)

4. High pay, early retirement and lots of other perks. Law Enforcement folks make up the fastest growing class of millionaires. Again, look it up.

5. A relatively safe job when compared to: Janitors, Taxi drivers, Fisherman, Roofers, Farm workers, ranchers, construction workers and other jobs that are much more dangerous than being a cop.

What kind of people are eager to mind other’s business, issue tickets and arrest people for doing things they do with impunity? Sociopaths! Sociopaths (and psychopaths) are attracted to this type of job. In other words: bad, broken people.

But back to the article and the quote: why the redundancy? He was an off duty cop. Of course he was drunk! He was at a bar, for pete’s sake!

As for the gun and badge, it gives him the respect he wants and deserves! Again, look at the job description. He’s perfect! He’s not alone. I don’t know how any cop can do their job without massive amounts of mind-numbing, cognitive-dissonance erasing, forgetaboutit alcohol and drugs.

Even sociopaths need an escape from this kind of contradictory, purely predatory, un-just life style.

Jon Tatro

As a retired police officer I’m happy to see dip shits like this kid weed themselves off the force before he hurts someone.


The problem is to many “dip shits” don’t get weeded out. Then when they do something despicable or hurt someone, there is little to no legal consequences. Most likely an early retirement with full pension benefits on the taxpayers dime. These instances of misconduct that make it to the media are a small fraction of the entire problem. You can bet if civilians hadn’t witnessed this, it’s highly probable that this “dip shit” wouldn’t of even been arrested and charged.


But….should he not “weed himself” off the force, you stand with him as a brother officer! How many cops did you arrest and/or blow the whistle on, Jon?

The “force” is chalk full of this type of person. Normal people aren’t attracted to this type of work.


DocT, Tatro was an exception to your concluding hypothesis. He came forward — when no other cop would — to out former Paso police chief Lisa Solomon’s scandalous behavior toward her subordinate officers. That, you might recall, resulted in her early “retirement” from the department. Also, you might try imagining a society without law enforcement.


Is it standard procedure to pack a loaded firearm and your badge when going out drinking to a nightclub?


Why is there University Police at all!!!

Back in Jerry Brown’s first term as Governor, he gave Public employees the right of collective bargaining, that being said, every Public entity ended up with creative ways to add Police and Firefighters to there budgets,for the love of those Safety Retirement packages, only Sworn Police Officers can Manage Sworn Police Officers, so waalaa, many managers went to a camp snoopy for Post training to get that extra percentage towards their retirement packages:(

Why would every College in the State need their own Police and Fire Departments, instead of contracting with neighboring City or County Departments that have Real Police and Fire Fighters?

State Parks is even worse, State Park Rangers used to be Guides, Interpreters as well as kind and helpful to the Public. After Post Training those kind of assignments are beneath them,what a mess this State has become:(


You had me in full agreement until the State Parks last paragraph. I don’t visit the dunes but apparently the landscape has changed with more aggressive riders and drinkers until the sweet old “guides and interpreters” of the 1950’s won’t be up to the job of policing the current crowd?

Yes many of us old creeps long for the fairytale days of a compliant public (my behavior included) such as at 1950’s Yosemite or Disneyland. Kind of like Disneyland can no longer have overhead sky buckets anymore or current people would rain down cell phones, half-consumed sodas, or switchblades onto the crowd.


“The UCSB police chief seized Pavico’s gun and placed him on leave pending an investigation.”

Why does he still have his badge?

Wisdom is in very short supply @ “Universities” these days.


University police departments exist only so that the university administration can control reports, or the lack thereof, of crime on campus. They work for the university administration, they are composed of failed officers from other agencies, and they should not exist. Contract with real law enforcement agencies and get real law enforcement, expose the coverups, and realize savings to the taxpayers.


He graduated Alan Hancock Police Academy Dec 10, been on the job less than 2 weeks.


Another case of Bullies with Badges, and let’s guess the “placed him on leave” is with pay.


University cops… get this kid outta there.