Two people injured in Highway 46 crash

December 22, 2019


Two people were injured in a crash on Highway 46 near the Shandon rest area on Sunday morning, according to Cal Fire.

Shortly after 6 a.m., a car and a semi truck collided on westbound Highway 46, causing the truck to roll on its side. Emergency personnel transported two people to a hospital.

The westbound lane of Highway 46 remained closed until 9:22 a.m.

CHP officers are investigating the cause of the crash.


For the rest of the story…a drunk young kid going home from party town, in an alcohol induced haze pulled only half way off the road to pee. This is turn caused a big rig coming up behind her to be forced out of its lane partially clipping the front of the drunks car causing the big rig to lose control and flip on its side. The truck driver suffered major injuries, the drunk, nada. Thank God for all those wineries and tasting rooms. Ya know,cause people really responsible and stuff.