Man falls off Pirate’s Cove cliff in Avila Beach

February 16, 2020


A 20-year-old man suffered a head injury, but survived after falling off a Pirate’s Cove cliff in Avila Beach Saturday evening. [KSBY]

The man was knocked unconscious after falling approximately 15-20 feet off the cliff at about 5:30 p.m. He landed on rocks in the water.

Bystanders pulled the man out of the water before medical personnel arrived at the scene. The victim was unconscious, but still breathing when Cal Fire personnel arrived.

An ambulance transported the man to the hospital. The extent of his injuries is unclear.

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Back in the early 90s a Caltrans employee during his lunch break in uniform ….fell off the cliff ….he lived … but must have been hilarious situation explaining to his boss where he spent his lunch break

Must have been to close to the edge before viewing. Safer to stand back, squint and tell stories.

Did his binoculars get broken?

Must have been a real knockout.