Amid allegations of bullying, Adam Hill losing to Stacy Korsgaden

March 4, 2020

Stacy Korsgaden and Adam Hill


San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill was noticeably absent at local election parties Tuesday evening and not communicating with members of the media wanting to ask questions. On Wednesday morning, Hill failed to attend a Regional Transit Authority Board meeting.

After almost 12 years in office, it appears Hill is  losing his seat on the Board of Supervisors.

His challenger Stacy Korsgaden is currently leading by 304 votes, 51.01 percent to 48.78 percent. There are still more than 9,000 ballots to be counted countywide and an unknown number of late mail in ballots, leaving a winner still unnamed.

For more than eight years, Hill has harassed members of the media and the public who are critical of his actions.

On Feb. 2, CalCoastNews exclusively reported that in July 2016, someone sent emails from Hill’s home using a false persona, “Sal Krill,” to Dave Congalton, a KVEC radio icon who has been critical of Hill. The emails mocked Congalton over the suicide of one of his friends, and his divorce and made sexually demented allegations.

The exposure led to multiple news reports and political advertisements detailing the abusive emails, which led to widespread anger at Hill.

It is possible that a winner will be determined by Friday, but it could take longer.

If he loses, Hill would continue to sit on the board until Jan. 2021 when Korsgaden takes the board seat.


I am not getting too excited yet. Like the Dems screwing Sanders, Hill will collude with someone to screw Stacy out of the election.


Don’t you know as the counting is still going on, Team Hill is scouring every dorm room, residents hall, student apartment complex, hen house, and outhouse for that missing ballot box that will miraculously put him in the lead. The power complex that has kept him in office can not let him loose or all their money and influence will be lost.

what the

Congratulations District 3. You Fired Adam Hill!


Wow, the 3rd district finally stopped re-electing Adam Hill. Perhaps the most concrete evidence of evolutionary theory ever presented to modern day mankind. Forget Charles Darwin, forget all about that losing our tails and walking upright B.S. The 3rd district of San Luis Obispo County in 2020 not only stopped re-electing Adam Hill, but replaced him with a Republican female. Finally I have some optimistic hope for the future of the human species.

NOW, we wait and see if Adam throws one of his short-man tantrums and blames this all on Russian meddling. I’m pretty sure that somewhere out there you can find surveillance footage of Stacy Korsgaden walking down a supermarket aisle somewhere near where the vodka or caviar is displayed. Proof enough (for the Progressives) that she is somehow being influenced by the Russians.


If Hill loses, expect him to unleash his vitriol on those who “unfairly” criticized him. But if he indeed loses, let us all realize that it was his words-not ours- that sank him. Good ridance!…


Keith, let’s just celebrate a win here and move on from Adam and his own self demise and it’s transparencies, and come together to make this county great as a whole, all parties and people together. I will, I hope you can too and further that agenda of celebration and community. It’s finally over now, let’s relax, goodness took its path and Adam is done. We need your help too as a public figure to bring us all together to keep our home safe and sustainable from big money interests, we know what I’m talking about.


Just shows how hard it is unseat a incumbent politician, even one as deeply flawed as Adam Hill:(

After all his antics, bullying and just plain meanness, Stacy is beating him by just a few hundred votes!

Being the incumbent, allows Adam to strong arm constituents for political donations, which in turn gave Adam the ability to buy all those radio ads I heard, telling the public what a great and wonderful guy Adam Hill is. Let’s just hope the tally stays in Stacy’s favor, so we don’t have to put with Adam any longer!!!


Well, sometimes he shapes up after his nastiness becomes public and sometimes he doesn’t, like when he walked out of a board of supervisor’s meeting when CAPSLO received an award after he sent a vitriolic letter, read to the CAPSLO Board by his assistant because they had fired his then-fiance now ex-wife.

If not re-elected, I expect his harmful stunts will continue in a different venue as a consultant to cannabis companies and developers.


Adam is done, and let us keep sustainable enterprise alive here whatever it is, be it wine or weed, oil, nuclear, solar or moonshine. Let us be aware of wealthy nasty influence and how it alters our home and buys votes and makes laws under our noses, and sews discord with hate and politics, let us rise above.


More of Adam Hill’s true colors are showing.

Rather than showing up for work he’s hosting a pity party of one.

Congratulations to Stacy on taking out the bully!

Mitch C

It appears that Adam needs to put on his big boy pants, be gracious in his loss, congratulate the winner and make the most of the time he has in public office so that when he exists in January 2021 he will have tried to amend his image and leave in a positive fashion.


Ain’t gonna happen.