District 3 race flips, Adam Hill surges ahead

March 6, 2020

Stacy Korsgaden and Adam Hill


In the first vote count following Tuesday’s election, incumbent District 3 County Supervisor Adam Hill surged ahead of his opponent, rising from more than 2 percent behind challenger Stacy Korsgaden to in the lead by more than 2 percent.

As of Friday evening, Hill leads Korsgaden by 391 votes, 51.08 percent to 48.92 percent. Election officials have counted 19,431 District 3 ballots, or more than 85 percent of those submitted. Another 3,315 ballots remain uncounted. 

Of the ballots already counted, 1,366 did not contain a vote for either candidate. 

Korsgaden had been leading Hill by 304 votes, 51.01 percent to 48.78 percent, following the final election night tally. There has been some speculation that Hill would benefit from Democratic voters turning in their ballots on Election Day, potentially due to the presidential primary. 

The District 3 race involved heated campaigning, including robocalls and political advertisements detailing abusive emails sent in 2016 from Hill’s home to KVEC radio host Dave Congalton. The emails, which were sent using a false persona “Sal Krill,” contained sexually demented allegations and mocked Congalton over the suicide of one of his friends, as well as the radio host’s divorce.

With Hill initially trailing in the vote count, the emails were thought to have triggered widespread anger toward the supervisor. 

In the immediate aftermath of the election, Hill disappeared from the public eye. The supervisor was absent at election night parties, and he failed to attend a Regional Transit Authority Board meeting Wednesday morning. Likewise, Hill was not communicating with members of the media. 

In District 5, incumbent Supervisor Debbie Arnold lost a little more than a percentage point to challenger Ellen Beraud. With 3,955 votes left to count, Arnold leads by 1,596, or 54.5 percent to 45.5 percent. District 1 incumbent Supervisor John Peschong leads his opponent Stephanie Shakofsky 66.4 percent to 33.7 percent, or by 5,314 votes. There are currently 2,593 votes left to count.

The next count is scheduled for Monday. 

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I guess all those last minute voters had to be sure he was a total a$$ before voting

You really didn’t think the Hill gang would let a supporters mail in ballot go unfilled out and counted regardless if it was done before the dead line. Just like Chicago elections, the “right” voters get to vote as many time as they like. Thanks Gong, just another election screw up my your office.

It really is time to call whatever state or federal agency investigates election fraud.

And tell them what? You had a feeling?

Ridiculous comment

BS…they are cheating…

Just because they are counting absentee ballots now, how is that cheating?

The longer the count the more time for shenanigan’s….this is 2020 and we can’t even count votes in a timely fashion…this is what causes people to lose faith in our electoral process…if absentee balloting is the issue then it must be corrected…maybe it needs to go electronic…

As Gomer Pyle used to say “Surprise, surprise!”. Very interesting that the later ballots counted go for Hill by huge margin- given that he was losing after the initial 99% of ballots were counted!!!

As someone else said – He who controls the count – will control the result.

“He who counts the ballots, rules the world”…