District 3 race flips, Adam Hill surges ahead

March 6, 2020

Stacy Korsgaden and Adam Hill


In the first vote count following Tuesday’s election, incumbent District 3 County Supervisor Adam Hill surged ahead of his opponent, rising from more than 2 percent behind challenger Stacy Korsgaden to in the lead by more than 2 percent.

As of Friday evening, Hill leads Korsgaden by 391 votes, 51.08 percent to 48.92 percent. Election officials have counted 19,431 District 3 ballots, or more than 85 percent of those submitted. Another 3,315 ballots remain uncounted. 

Of the ballots already counted, 1,366 did not contain a vote for either candidate. 

Korsgaden had been leading Hill by 304 votes, 51.01 percent to 48.78 percent, following the final election night tally. There has been some speculation that Hill would benefit from Democratic voters turning in their ballots on Election Day, potentially due to the presidential primary. 

The District 3 race involved heated campaigning, including robocalls and political advertisements detailing abusive emails sent in 2016 from Hill’s home to KVEC radio host Dave Congalton. The emails, which were sent using a false persona “Sal Krill,” contained sexually demented allegations and mocked Congalton over the suicide of one of his friends, as well as the radio host’s divorce.

With Hill initially trailing in the vote count, the emails were thought to have triggered widespread anger toward the supervisor. 

In the immediate aftermath of the election, Hill disappeared from the public eye. The supervisor was absent at election night parties, and he failed to attend a Regional Transit Authority Board meeting Wednesday morning. Likewise, Hill was not communicating with members of the media. 

In District 5, incumbent Supervisor Debbie Arnold lost a little more than a percentage point to challenger Ellen Beraud. With 3,955 votes left to count, Arnold leads by 1,596, or 54.5 percent to 45.5 percent. District 1 incumbent Supervisor John Peschong leads his opponent Stephanie Shakofsky 66.4 percent to 33.7 percent, or by 5,314 votes. There are currently 2,593 votes left to count.

The next count is scheduled for Monday. 


It really disturbs me to see that the citizens of his district would reelect such a psychotic and sick individual. It won’t be long before Adam Hill has another episode of his abuse of power and intimidation of people. A sure sign of the weak and cowardly person that he is. This is further evidence of why I’ve turned from Democrat’s, Progressive’s, liberals or what ever they think they are. They once again prove like Adam, to lack character, morals, values, intelligence, competence, and tolerance. You get what you deserve District 3. Unfreaking believable!!!!


I don’t care about the district 3 people, they wanted him, but the rest of us have to contend with this psycho, if only we the people could somehow impeach him that would be the only way to get rid of him, I doubt the DA or the rest of the board will do anything about him after the final count.


If Hill pulls this off, what does it say about third district voters to reelect a proven pervert and the functional equivalent of our county’s Harvey Weinstein?


I agree he should not be re elected due to his horrible record. But, people still voted for Bill Clinton and Donald Trump knowing their personal lives and moral values are faulted, hoping that their political ideology would still reflect the voters. Let’s not bash our neighbors here for trying to do what they think is best, and not cast judgement. I am guilty of both casting judgement and some bashing, and don’t want to be like that. And I bet you’d find some of my actions not to your liking, and yours to me. But in the end, when it counts, we’d have each other’s backs during times of need.


Well, my worst fear came true. Just like the vampire in an old time movie, “Count Pay to Play” has escaped the stake and will continue to feed… mostly on developers and weed growers, but feed he must and feed he will…




The voting process in California is corrupt and illegitimate. This race is just an example


While I think you are right, in this case, it just illustrates the idiocy of the voters.


No, Hill is corrupt morally maybe even in other ways, not politics, there was no election tampering outside of Kevins phone call, no offense to Kevin. People vote for politics and governance, not morals it seems. Ie Clinton and Trump; both adulterous many times, and Obama too; NSA and drone warfare without trial. We are all people and neighbors at the end of the day, and need to act civil and respect differences, that’s the beauty of Democracy.


Join the discussion…Sorry slojustice, love Adam Hill or hate him, the voting process is not corrupt or illegitimate. The fact is the majority of voters in District 3 like him. We don’t have to like it. But it is what it is.


“voting process in California is corrupt and illegitimate”

Bullshit, just because you did not get what you wanted.

Perhaps the flat earth, anti-vax, pray it away forums would be a better fit…


Sounds like, and appears to be a Adam Hill supporter. Sad, sad, sad.


You would be wrong, I voted and live in district 3.

Common Sense tells us if you just make things up about people, you will be wrong often. Very sad indeed.


Uh, district 3 is Adam Hill’s district. Are you sure you know what district your in? I didn’t make anything up and I’m not wrong. Adam has more than identified what his is. Prove that wrong.


You said “Sounds like, and appears to be a Adam Hill supporter”

You were wrong, I am not a Hill supporter. Yes I know what district I am in.

“I didn’t make anything up and I’m not wrong.” Yes you did, see above.

“Adam has more than identified what his is. Prove that wrong.” Change the subject much to avoid your previous statements?


Ever since I lived in SLO County the Supposed Educated people who are soooooo much Smarter than the rest of us have been looking down at me,

Today, I found out that they are soooooo stupid!

What ever AH does again is on you,



What in the hell gave you the impression slo residents are educated or some sort of above average anything? People who look down on others believing in their superiority are typically insecure, pretentious losers. That’s a fact. Anybody who lives on the CC and thinks that makes them better than anyone else is a dumb ass x10 IMO.


Perhaps Hill was out late Tuesday night rounding up “misplaced” Democratic mail-in ballots from the cemetery?


Interesting that both CCN, with a barrage of negative stories about Hill, and the Tribune, which offered no endorsement on the race, helped create more than 1,300 ballots that chose neither candidate. Unfortunately, it looks like Hill will probably prevail. SLO and Pismo simply need to run a candidate that more people can support. An insurance salesman with zero public service experience (board membership with the Boys and Girls Club and the Chamber of Commerce are nice but not qualifying) is not the answer.


We’ll never rid ourselves of Adam Hill.


I say let’s be patient. If Adam Hill is indeed reelected, this time, he himself will rid us of the disgraceful sick individual that he is. Let’s make sure those who will be threatened and intimidated going forward by this psychotic man, and it will happen, come forward and bring charges, or demand his resignation. Please keep in the ears of the Supervisor’s who represent us in other districts and push for this as well. Enough is enough. Hold them all accountable for their responsibility us and each other. I truly think sicko himself, will bring this all on again. It’s just a matter of time.