FBI agents raid San Luis Obispo County Government Center

March 11, 2020


FBI agents swarmed into the San Luis Obispo County Government Center on Monterey Street early Wednesday morning, serving a sealed search warrant.

While county officials are remaining mum about the raid, it appears to include Supervisor Adam Hill’s office on the fourth floor. For more than five years, CalCoastNews has reported allegations of corruption surrounding Hill, several developers and a group of marijuana businessmen.

“At 7:10 a.m. today, the FBI served the County of San Luis Obispo a search and seizure warrant under seal,” said Wade Horton, county administrator. “The county is complying with the warrant and allowing the FBI to conduct their investigation at the County Government Center.”

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Can one finish a term while in jail? Asking for a pudgy friend!!!

Best comment on here!! Well done

Thank you, FBI. Good luck and godspeed!

While the FBI does take their time investigating, they are very thorough and effective. Hill must be freaking out. Incarcerate Adam Hill 2020.

Oh yeah, he’s freaking out big time. Like a cornered rat.

Dave….unplug your phone…

Thank God for the corona-virus, this has allowed The Tribune to quickly bury this story behind two Cal Poly students self-quarantined due to travel and postponement of running races in Santa Margarita, after very briefly being above the fold, online as it were. After having lost the battle for the BOS majority could The Tribune not give it up and just report the news?

Couldn’t this have happened before the election instead of after? I wonder how many District 3 voters now regret their vote? The rumor that the FBI was poised to investigate Hill has been around for so long that I thought this would never happen. That the rumor has become fact–albeit late–is welcome news indeed!

Probably very few regret their vote. It’s not a surprise Hill is corrupt and yet he still gets elected, so those that vote for him even though he is corrupt would and likely will still vote for him even if he ended up being convicted of a crime.

Bye bye Adam and bye bye to Helios and Andre too..

Adam Hill + Helios Dayspring + Nick Andre + Quinn Brady + Heidi Harmon + Adam Kirchner aka Wild Coast Farms cannabis (Quinn Brady’s baby-daddy, 10-year cannabis farmer) + $$$

Google & Instagram & Facebook and see they’re all interconnected.

Once again we owe Cal Coast News a huge thank you for their determination and persistence. If it were up to other “news” outfits we would know exactly SQUAT about Hill and his buddies.

Well done team CCN.

The drain plug is being pulled on the swamp, finally.