FBI agents raid San Luis Obispo County Government Center

March 11, 2020


FBI agents swarmed into the San Luis Obispo County Government Center on Monterey Street early Wednesday morning, serving a sealed search warrant.

While county officials are remaining mum about the raid, it appears to include Supervisor Adam Hill’s office on the fourth floor. For more than five years, CalCoastNews has reported allegations of corruption surrounding Hill, several developers and a group of marijuana businessmen.

“At 7:10 a.m. today, the FBI served the County of San Luis Obispo a search and seizure warrant under seal,” said Wade Horton, county administrator. “The county is complying with the warrant and allowing the FBI to conduct their investigation at the County Government Center.”

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Just wish the raid happened a few weeks ago, might of woke up the brain dead electorate that voted for corrupt Hill:(


I’d like to offer up my gratitude to the FBI, the law enforcement Adam Hill couldn’t buy. The Eagle’s talons continue to squeeze SLO corruption as Dan Dow looks around, acting casually.

If nobody is being arrested, could this have been done over the weekend?

I thought about that too. Quite possibly they wanted certain evidence in place before any such raid took place. In other words, laptops arriving, records arriving and so forth.

Plus, who wants to ruin a good weekend searching through papers!

We shouldn’t get our hopes up for quick justice, or a removal or resignation. Hill is a staunch liberal and if culpable, will be given everything short of a complete “pass”. i.e. the investigation will crawl along, any charges or trial will be endlessly delayed, and if he’s chargeable then he’ll likely be allowed to resign, pay a small fine, and do some weekends at Club Fed Lompoc. And all of it conveniently AFTER he’s allowed to serve most of his new fourth term.

One caveat: DON’T take his pension. while many of us would like him to get “the chair”, he should NOT be denied or stripped of his pension. This recent penal trend of stripping a pension that people work a lifetime for, stripping due to some felony conviction, is Draconian and despite my dislike for Mr. Hill, should NOT occur (stripping of pension for life) to him nor anyone.

Lame, how many times (to the nearest several-hundred) do you think he had the opportunity to choose between a good decision or a bad decision – all of which would affect the status of his pension?

Good point, slo. He’s done hundreds of actions in his terms. Got my butt kicked for my pension posting at minus ninety. And, hopefully I am also totally wrong about a slow or soft-glove resolution/prosecution of any wrongdoings.

Yeah, hey what’s one more bloated pension given to a corrupt public servant anyway. Already all of the CRV fees you pay go to pensions (not recycling), the 10c bag fees, the new gas taxes, lottery monies, any new taxes or fees earmarked for “infrastructure,” new school bonds, fees and taxes, all of it just goes to replace tax money lost to pensions. If it weren’t for bloated government salaries and pensions, the only people who would vote for Hill or any of the other Socialists would be college students.

Trust me, the next time I have to replace another almost-new tire on my car because it was destroyed by one of SLO’s or Paso’s canyon-sized potholes; the first thing to go through my mind WILL NOT BE “gee I sure hope the cost of that bag of cold-patch asphalt went to Adam Hill’s pension.

I think SLO City and SLO County should do what Stockton did, declare bankruptcy and renew all the employee contracts with re-negotiated salaries and pensions. But then again, nobody would ever vote for the “Progressives” or Socialists again.

Conversation with friends this morning: Question: “Who do you think it is?” Response: “Only one crooked supervisor.” Secondary response: Unbridled laughter.


The fickled finger of fate doth point itself in one direction. Finally.

 “The county is complying with the warrant and allowing the FBI to conduct their investigation at the County Government Center.”

This statement by Horton implies he had a choice not to comply…

I think not.

And if he did have a choice he most certainly would not of allowed it. I’m sure he called Rita O’Neal to see if there was any way to obstruct the FBI and finding none short of a Waco standoff issued the aforementioned statement.

I don’t think that’s fair. Wade Horton is a stand-up guy and a Naval Reserve officer who deployed to Iraq. I know him. In this situation I’m certain that he complied with the FBI agents, without any thought at all of trying to run interference on behalf of any local politician. What do you expect him to say? He’s in an awkward situation here. Whatever his personal opinion may or may not be, he really can’t make anything more than a fairly pro forma statement.

So what, David Buckingham was an esteemed veteran, who got fired for not being able to competently manage logistics at a US military base in Italy and didn’t do so well running Morro Bay. Why is Wade Horton qualified based on his military experience? The military is no model for competence or efficiency.

Well said sir. That’s like the drug dealer saying he’s allowing the police to search his home with their search warrant. Sorry bud that’s not how it works.

Would have loved to have seen what would have happened if they hadn’t complied!!!! Go on – make our day!

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