California and four other states seek $1 trillion in relief funds

May 12, 2020

California and four other western states have jointly requested a combined total of $1 trillion in coronavirus relief funding from the federal government.

The governors and legislative leaders of California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada and Colorado authored a letter asking for $1 trillion in direct and flexible relief to state and local governments. The state officials addressed the letter to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

“Without federal support, states and cities will be forced to make impossible decisions — like whether to fund critical public healthcare that will help us recover, or prevent layoffs of teachers, police officers, firefighters and other first responders,” the letter states. “Though even this amount will not replace the decline in revenue that we forecast, it will make a meaningful difference in our ability to make up for COVID-19 revenue losses.”

California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada and Colorado state leaders say they are seeing a record amount of lost wages and business failures, as well as spiraling unemployment and other coronavirus-driven costs. But, the worst of the economic impact is yet to come, the letter states.

“And, without additional assistance, the very programs that will help people get back to work — like job training and help for small business owners — will be forced up on the chopping block,” the letter says.

The letter does not state the amount of funding the individual states are seeking.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who signed the letter, stated in a tweet that the five western states need the federal funds to protect schools, public health and public safety services. California is now facing budget deficits of tens of billions of dollars, Newsom said.


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No pension bailouts…

Francesca Bolognini

How about instead of funneling even more BILLIONS to corporations that are already worth BILLIONS and don’t pay taxes, I think that the money should go to the needs of the actual TAX PAYERS, like The People and the Small Businesses to fund the economy (we are the economy) when it starts up again and to provide also for our critical infrastructure. Perhaps if we started DEMANDING that OUR MONEY goes to the things that we actually need, there might be some improvement.

Or we could continue to fight over red team/blue team, neither of whom has our backs right now.

Your call.


Yeah! Crush those Corporations make sure none of their employees ever get their jobs back! wait, what?


Well Said!


Yes, red team or blue team, both are poor fiscal managers, with the constant ‘Tom versus Jerry’ political nonsense anger and fighting merely a deflection from the pilfering.

Large corporations can go to the capital markets issue shares and bonds raising funds. Small businesses don’t have this option.


Oh, that’s rich! The three states on the left coast that give Trump and the Feds the finger the most, Northern CA(WA), Central CA(OR) and Southern CA(CA), ask them for money.


Well what else are people going to do?

Answer me honestly.


Well for one thing we could lay off these awful police officers like the one cited in another article here. Instead of police and firefighters and teachers, how about laying off multiple middle managers who don’t do anything these days? And then there is the pension problem – SLO alone owed over $160 MILLION as of two years ago and who knows how much more now. Don’t expect any aid to go to real city needs like streets, most of it will shore up the pension system.


And layoff and salary reduce upper level managers and administrators, way overpaid.


You ever notice how they always start with “we’ll have to cut Police, Fire and teachers”? They don’t say “hey, let’s ditch the bullet train and sell the assets”.


The answer should be “NO!”

No more funding of mismanaged states….PERIOD!


yeah, hey, i know we’ve talked trash about you for 3 years and sued you multiple times but would you mind giving us a boatload of money?


Get those printing presses warmed up Monopoly money might have more value !


How about ending the money bit bullet train first?