Newsom rejects SLO County’s reopening plan

May 9, 2020

Gov. Gavin Newsom rejected San Luis Obispo’s proposed three step reopening plan, leading local officials to agree to work under state guidelines.

On Thursday, Newsom announced that all counties could move partially into phase two of his reopening plan allowing retail stores to open for curbside service, manufacturing to resume, and warehouses for retail merchandise to restart operations. Counties that meet specific guidelines showing fewer coronavirus cases will be permitted to open restaurants and inside shopping for retail sometime next week, he said.

At Tuesday’s SLO County Board of Supervisors meeting, approximately 40 people spoke at public comment, 39 of whom asked the county to defy Newsom and open immediately. County officials explained Newsom has threatened to take state licenses, such as beauty shop and liquor license, away from businesses that violate his order.

The supervisors then voted unanimously to send a letter to the state noting our area has met the guidelines required to possibly open restaurants next week.

After determining county officials have little control over reopening the economy, county supervisors announced they do not plan to renew local stay-at-home orders, which are slated to expire on May 16.

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The last I knew the Governor is not the law around here, none of this malarkey has been legislated this is all his doing this is bogus, he’ll take away license if you violate HIS order, who the hell does he think he is, violate newsome and reject him.

Screw Newsom and the horse he rode in on. Start the process of opening up….yesterday. It can be done and done responsibly. We are at the point where the cure has become worse than the pandemic.People are really hurting. I’m hearing that suicides are climbing rapidly from people suffering great economic burdens. Retail industries and outlets beyond the point of no return that won’t be able to come back.

This is becoming more of a thing about societal control by liberal led governments than anything else. And it all started with bogus “scientific” models projecting utter devastation. Anyone seen the news about the “doctor” that made the original devastating predictions (the millions of US deaths) they were working with and seen his track record on past viruses back in to the early 2000’s? Anyone paid attention to the myriad of doctors that have come forward to refute the claims of the media and the bogus stats? Those videos have all been banned and removed on the big media sites like Facebook, Youtube, etc. This has gone way to far but hey, anything to tank an economy and have us eating out of their hands, right?!

Reopening won’t do much for the economy. Social behavior has shifted due to the Pandemic. Most people aren’t going to go to the movies, or to the mall, or sitting down and eating in a restaurant right now. In places like Sweden (which has never shut down during the Pandemic) and Georgia (which reopened a couple weeks ago), only 20 percent of the population is going out and spending money as they did before.

Reopening the economy for a lot of people is actually a euphemism to end government financial support programs (e.g. unemployment/stimulus) to force people to go back to work during the pandemic. But people don’t realize or don’t care that doing that still isn’t going to make people patronize these businesses. So the businesses are going to fail sooner now since they’ll reopen without business interruption insurance keeping them afloat and people will be unemployed again anyways.

Beauty shop and liquor licenses have strict requirements. They should be the first to be opened. And the governor, a pussy to the max, needs to put his attention on getting his state back to work… or he won’t have a state to govern.

Once upon a time (60 days ago) in SLO county I would start my Saturdays sitting on the beach, then going to the barbershop to get a haircut and shave, afterward go pick up my gal at the salon. Then go to the waffle shop for breakfast , stop by the Pub for a couple frosties while watching basketball and baseball, then check out the new shoes and t-shirts at the Nike store. Buy some ammunition and go target shooting after hanging out at the county park. This Saturday after picking up my buddies pregnant daughter at the abortion clinic I stopped at the liquor store and the weed shop before going home to school my kids and shelter in place next to Jerry’s house. All this because 1 person has died and 5 have been hospitalized. Listening to the Board meeting, 39 citizens from all walks of life encouraged, pleaded, and begged the spineless supervisors to do what they were elected to do and open this county up.They all fell on deaf ears.

The reopening has already begun despite Newsome. I commute 25 minutes to and from work five days a week.There has been a noticeable increase in traffic and business the last three weeks, especially this week. I see more small businesses opening up and bringing some employees back near the area I work. I see some of our long time customers resuming operations locally and from other parts of the state that want their product. They are placing new orders. They are opening in a controlled and safe manner again despite Newsom. They have to. Many are small businesses like the one that employs me. The owners have made a decision out of desperation for the survival of themselves, their families, their employees, their employees families, and their customers. All jobs are essential for us who need to survive in this state. The majority of small mom & pop business run on a very tight budget.

I find it interesting if you dig a little, most of people that support Newsom and his political party, also support the continued closer orders and have a taxpayer funded and over compensated pension. Maybe if Newson truly cared about the survival of our state he could roll back some of those pension mandates and lower taxes on many things for a couple of years and use it to help small businesses and their families revive the states economy. After all, shouldn’t we all have to sacrifice? If it wasn’t for all of the small businesses and the taxes they pay, those benefits wouldn’t be there. Boy would you see those public unions go crazy and eat their own. He won’t. Only they have the right to eat from the taxpayer funded trough. But he will give 75 million in a new virus fund to illegal immigrants with the majority of those funds coming from the taxpayer. I know there are a lot of legal citizens in this state who are compromised in various ways that could benefit, and help make ends meet with those funds.

Virus is definitely something we as citizens need to be cautious of but there’s has been many decisions that border on tyranny. The whole beach situation for example. Walk on the beach but don’t sit and relax. Really? He’s going to take licenses away? From a business that pose no threat to the community at large? We’ve become a society that wants the govt to do everything for us, right away..and who’re surprised when they do things that make no sense.

Governor who? This is Adam Hill’s town. What does he say?


This is all about recouping some sales and transient occupancy tax dollars to put some money into government coffers during the tourist season. Our local politicians could care less if all the locals are forced to stay at home due to an influx of tourists.

the tourists need to keep their infected bodies home

Does that apply to the ‘tourists’ who come across the southern border illegally?

List the local politicians who “could care less”. Too broadly defined to know what you are saying.

From the Article: “The supervisors then voted unanimously to send a letter to the state noting our area has met the guidelines required to possibly open restaurants next week.”

All 5 voted together for reopening, so the whole Board of Supes is clearly chasing tourist bucks. Aside from them, Jordan Cunningham has been especially awful sending snotty social media missives at the Governor to reopen so his donors can get some tourist bucks.