Our denier-in-chief is on his own

May 16, 2020

Stew Jenkins


Good friends, 116,708 American soldiers died in World War One. Of those 53,402 at the hands of German, Austrian and Turkish soldiers. The rest died from the H1-N1 Flu while serving their country in Europe.

Donald Trump may not be responsible for the origins of the virus, but he is at fault for his denial, delay, weakness and failure to lead. Had he acted like a president when he first learned of this disease in early January, the virus would have been contained.

By May 15, 88,000 American were dead from Covid-19, already more than the 52,402 Americans killed in combat during WWI.  While deaths in some parts of the country are going down, in others they are rising, keeping us at about 3,000 dead every day. At that rate, here is what May 2020 portends:

May 16 – 91,000 dead Americans

May 17 – 94,000 dead Americans

May 18 – 97,000 dead Americans

May 19 – 100,000 dead Americans

May 20 – 103,000 dead Americans

May 21 – 106,000 dead Americans

May 22 – 109,000 dead Americans

May 23 – 112,000 dead Americans

May 24 – 115,000 dead Americans

May 25 – 118,000 dead Americans

More Americans killed by President Trump’s delay, denial, and despicable ignorance than were killed by German, Austrian and Turkish soldiers and the flu in World War One.

By mid-August, America will have lost more than the 416,800 Americans killed in combat in World War II; killed by President Trump’s delay, denial, and despicable ignorance.

The denier-in-chief wants you to believe that the number of people dying from the coronavirus is exaggerated. That false propaganda depends on trotting out a very few isolated instances of people’s deaths being miss-categorized in hopes that you will forget that, for every miss-categorized death, there are scores of Americans who have died at home from Covid-19 without ever being diagnosed.

Good friends. God’s speed and good luck. Wear your masks and gloves when you go out, and follow the CDC guidelines when you work. More than at any other time, your family’s health and survival are in your hands alone.

President Trump will not help you and does not care if you survive. For him, you are nothing but a resource to be used and discarded when not useful to him. Trump will fool some of the people all of the time, but not all of the people all of the time. Don’t be fooled by his denial and delay.

To put our country on a war-time footing against these war-level casualties in the second and third waves of this virus, we need a president who cares about you and understands how to mobilize and inspire war-time production to end the carnage of this virus and bring our economy back.  Joe Biden can and will do both.


Don’t most trial lawyers hate Trump? And now he wants to shield businesses from being sued over the virus. Heresey!


War time production of what….. Trillions more in new currency with no backing? Have you ever spent 8 hours or more in the same day sanding drywall, cutting stucco, cutting hardi siding, or any other money making task with an N95 on? The positive antibody test results coming back from January cases are staggering in their #’s from healthy folks who had what seemed like the flu at the time. Big pharma would probably give this piece two thumbs up though….


“The positive antibody test results coming back from January cases are staggering in their #’s from healthy folks who had what seemed like the flu at the time.”

I wonder if you have a link to any evidence for this. I know Stanford has a study going on, but I would question “staggering numbers.”



Backed by a printing press and ending in a massive devaluation of the dollar. The only good thing is that the Chinese will be screwed as well for drinking the Kool-Aid.


Wearing masks makes you OD on CO2, and could kill you if worn while running as it did to the runner down south. Wearing gloves is worse as it just transfers germs around rather than getting rid of them as washing hands does.


Stew, when Trump FIRST learned of this he tried to stop travel to this country from abroad and the libs stopped him…you are delusional.


Trump learned of COVID-19 in a January 3rd briefing with Secretary Azar. The travel restrictions from China took effect February 2nd, and yes, some objected to those restrictions.


First, the US has not had one day with 3,000 deaths, the largest death toll was on April 21 with 2,683 dead. And the number of daily deaths is declining, not stable or rising, May 15 was 1,595. But if your going to use numbers for political purposes, I guess it is best to blame every death on Trump and exaggerate the death rate.


And the number of daily deaths is declining

In large part due to recaclculating the totals and NOT using those that died WITH COVID-19 and only using those that died FROM COVID-19. CO just adjusted their death total DOWNWARD by over 200.


The number of deaths are probably low since the cause of death may be misdiagnosed. A reasonable projection is that 2.5 to 4.5 percent of those that catch the virus will die. Further, it appears possible that up to 30% of hospitalized patients develop “dangerous” blood clots.


If you research you will find other medical issues stemming from having “recovered” from COVID-19.

Be safe.


Stay strong, Stew. You knew the boo-birds would flock to dump on you. Interesting responses, though, as we all try to understand the Trumpian mindset of our seemingly normal, seemingly intelligent neighbors who take the time to write the kind of jibberish exemplified by the likes of “sbjcl” and “south.” God help us all.


Just total baloney. Trump has his huge issues, but trying to lay this one on him is just dumb, shallow political flatus.


How many other countries, shithole ones included, have more deaths than the USA? Zero.

Yet we’re told every day how incredible and successful his administration was at mitigating this virus. The facts on the ground belie what we’re being fed.

If Trump was so successful at stopping this wouldn’t there be at least one other country ahead of us in death toll?

Trump gets some blame, maybe not 100%, but he should be held accountable to some degree; he is our leader.

His warriors in this fight? Healthcare workers, the aged, and our children.

Trump has said he bears no responsibility, but claims all the credit.

A true leader takes very little credit and yet heaps on all the responsibility. You know this to be true but make excuses for him anyway.




Good luck Stew. You and Gov. Gruesome are drinking the same bath water. Sleepy Joe can’t even remember what date of the week it is, let alone run the country.


sbjcl, seriously, Is a President asking his medical advisors to consider injecting disinfectant and internal light therapy competent? Red or Blue, Trump is a dope.


Looks like Stew is trying to make up with the SLO Progs after bashing their hero Hill, probably losing clients. Really Stew? So Cuomo forcing nursing homes to take CoVid patients causing 5K deaths and Pelosi parading around in Chinatown urging people to visit and mingle had nothing to do with the numbers. I guess De Blasio cutting the subway trains by half, forcing commuters to pack together was just fine. Stew, Stew, Stew. Trolling CCN for clients and the good graces of the Progs is one step away from ambulance chasing.


40 votes positive for an insulting post. Says a lot about the readers.

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