Our denier-in-chief is on his own

May 16, 2020

Stew Jenkins


Good friends, 116,708 American soldiers died in World War One. Of those 53,402 at the hands of German, Austrian and Turkish soldiers. The rest died from the H1-N1 Flu while serving their country in Europe.

Donald Trump may not be responsible for the origins of the virus, but he is at fault for his denial, delay, weakness and failure to lead. Had he acted like a president when he first learned of this disease in early January, the virus would have been contained.

By May 15, 88,000 American were dead from Covid-19, already more than the 52,402 Americans killed in combat during WWI.  While deaths in some parts of the country are going down, in others they are rising, keeping us at about 3,000 dead every day. At that rate, here is what May 2020 portends:

May 16 – 91,000 dead Americans

May 17 – 94,000 dead Americans

May 18 – 97,000 dead Americans

May 19 – 100,000 dead Americans

May 20 – 103,000 dead Americans

May 21 – 106,000 dead Americans

May 22 – 109,000 dead Americans

May 23 – 112,000 dead Americans

May 24 – 115,000 dead Americans

May 25 – 118,000 dead Americans

More Americans killed by President Trump’s delay, denial, and despicable ignorance than were killed by German, Austrian and Turkish soldiers and the flu in World War One.

By mid-August, America will have lost more than the 416,800 Americans killed in combat in World War II; killed by President Trump’s delay, denial, and despicable ignorance.

The denier-in-chief wants you to believe that the number of people dying from the coronavirus is exaggerated. That false propaganda depends on trotting out a very few isolated instances of people’s deaths being miss-categorized in hopes that you will forget that, for every miss-categorized death, there are scores of Americans who have died at home from Covid-19 without ever being diagnosed.

Good friends. God’s speed and good luck. Wear your masks and gloves when you go out, and follow the CDC guidelines when you work. More than at any other time, your family’s health and survival are in your hands alone.

President Trump will not help you and does not care if you survive. For him, you are nothing but a resource to be used and discarded when not useful to him. Trump will fool some of the people all of the time, but not all of the people all of the time. Don’t be fooled by his denial and delay.

To put our country on a war-time footing against these war-level casualties in the second and third waves of this virus, we need a president who cares about you and understands how to mobilize and inspire war-time production to end the carnage of this virus and bring our economy back.  Joe Biden can and will do both.

just the facts

Stew…where is your ACLU? Have not heard a word from the state or local ACLU organizations re our constitutional rights that we have lost since Governor Venezuela Newsom ‘took over.’


COVID-19 is the home run swing to get rid of Trump, even better than the recession the Dems have been praying for. Biden doesn’t know what day it is, Trump might not either. The election will be about policy. If Biden wins his VP will be the acting president and it will be Kamala Harris. If you think different and care to put your money where your mouth is I will be glad to take it.


The Democrats have won. I don’t think they are anywhere as bright enough to pull off some giant anti-Trump conspiracy, but they know enough to stay in the basement to watch the Donald self destruct. Trump just put it in their lap.


“President Trump will not help you and does not care if you survive. For him, you are nothing but a resource to be used and discarded when not useful to him.”

Exactly right. Howard Stern, an old friend of Trump’s, put it best:

“The oddity in all of this is the people Trump despises most, love him the most. The people who are voting for Trump, for the most part … He wouldn’t even let them in a f*cking hotel. He’d be disgusted by them. Go to Mar-a-Lago, see if there’s any people who look like you. I’m talking to you in the audience.”



Let me guess, a liberal lawyer. President Trump shut down travel from China in late January, which half-there Biden protested by calling him a racist. Obama took months longer to declare a national emergency.

Blame the Lov Gov for inserting infected seniors into nursing homes just like California, Pennsylvania, Illinois & others.


Travel clampdown on China took effect on Feb. 2nd. 279 flights from China arrived after Feb. 2nd with 40,000 passengers and screening procedures were amiss.


Yes, Chinese-Americans are allowed to come home, just like cruise ship passengers.

SLO Thought

It’s a virus Stew. The differing responses around the world show that it is impossible to stop, unless you are on an island nation with no outside contact. Don’t argue that it could have or could have been much less harmful. Those that cannot counter Trump with cogent ideas turn to political hate speech. When you argue that he has no concern for people, you show your petty anger


I agree, but is Trump compete and intelligent?


The answer is yes! Unconventional, irritating, clumsy big mouth yes. But smart and competent, YES.


Really? How many have to be unemployed before you see the truth? How far down do stocks have to go? How much national debt do we have to incur? Trump is a dolt. Based on your bias, the captain of the Titanic should be made an admiral.


So, how many have died from from just influenza like what happens every day? How about just pneumonia? How about anything else? It’s proven and factual now that Covid deaths are grossly inflated. Even admitted by the most liberal of health professionals. Just as an example of the head honcho in Illinois (IIRC) that stated if a cancer patient was on hospice care with days to live and happened to test positive for Covid, when they passed, Covid becomes the official cause.

Please, give me a breakdown of non-covid deaths. Is there such a thing anymore? We’re obviously approaching the election and they’re running out of “bad” to pin on Trump.


We are at 90,000 deaths with a shutdown. The death rate appears to be 2.5 to 4 percent with an R0 (The average number of people a contagious person will infect, when no one is immune and people make no effort to stop the spread.) of 2.5. And don’t forget the medical damage to some after “recovery”. This is not the flu.


The death rate is nowhere near that. The only ones tested are those with moderate+ symptoms. A vast majority show little or no symptoms. Those are not being figured into the death rate calculations.


REALLY!!!!! Per COVID-19 tracker: Worldwide Total Confirmed Cases 4,687,320, Fatal Cases 313,127 = 6.7%

USA Total Confirmed Cases 1,515,026, Fatal Cases 89,785 = 5.9%

My estimate of 2.5 to 4.5 percent may be low.


YOUR news source is lying to YOU.


That is the death rate when only figured against the total number of people tested. Most people are not tested unless they show moderate to major symptoms. When figured against the TOTAL number of infected the death rate is miniscule. Your response did not address that point which I made in the prior post.


My understanding is that in the month of January 2018 about 15 people died from the seasonal flu on the central coast. DLO County and Santa Maria. That’s with a vaccine and a degree of herd immunity.


You really want to politicize the virus response, OK, let’s take a look:

Deaths per 1 million population:

Spain: 590

Italy: 525

UK: 508

France: 423

Belgium: 777

Netherlands: 331

Sweden: 364

United States (overall): 270

New York: 1,417

New Jersey: 1,154

If New York was a country, it would be the worst country in the world, by a factor of 2. The United States did better than almost any other western democracy in dealing with the pandemic, even with Cuomo’s disastrous response factored in, yet you try to label Trump a failure.

China and the World Health Organization were telling Trump in late January that the virus wasn’t transmissable from person to person, but you blame him for the delay? The blame for this global tragedy lies squarely on the shoulders of the Communist Chinese government. Every country in the world could have had weeks more to respond if they hadn’t deliberately hidden the nature and scope of the outbreak. If Cuomo had at least responded as competently as Trump, the US numbers would have been more in line with Germany, but his disaster in New York (which spilled over into New Jersey) made the situation in the US much worse.


“Blame for this global tragedy lies squarely on the shoulders of the Communist Chinese government.” Agreed and they were obtaining PPE while we were unaware. Which I pointed out back in early April, and got a negative 60 votes on this blog of the unaware.


Chinese Communist Party (CCP) yes, Chinese people no. Chinese citizens are victims of this totalitarian regime.

I wish the president would spend a little more time expounding this difference. As I understand some Chinese restaurants and Asian Americans have been the victims of hate.


This is phase three in the plan. Phase one was colluding with China to downplay the severity of the threat as it was seen as an opportunity to FINALLY “get Trump”. Phase two was to exagerate and panic people and shut down and ruin the economy. Phase three, as evidenced by Stew’s piece, is to blame the entire thing on Trump in an effort to sway voters into voting for Biden. The irony of it all is that by the time the libs get done screwing everything up and trampling all over the Constitution(with the shut down) they are going to turn CA red!


Really, do you think the Democrats are this smart? I go with Hanlon’s razor: “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”


Let’s get one very important issue cleared up right now! I am an adult. I am not a child. I do not wake up every morning waiting for the government to tell me what to do. I am the only person responsible for my health. Donald Trump is not responsible for my health! Neither is the governor, board of supervisors, bureaucrats or city government. That also goes for every adult in this country. You are responsible for your own health. As an adult, I would hope you understand that.

People make bad decisions everyday and they get to live with those decisions. If the government was truly concerned about peoples health, opioids and cigarettes would have been eliminated a long time ago.

This country was founded on individualism, hard work and very little government. Now we have too much government, dictating who can and cant work, and threatening us for being individuals.

You know, “we are all in this together.”

Government is not smart enough to realize the damage it has caused to this country.

“ If your answer to the failure of government is more government, you are like an alcoholic trying to drink yourself sober!“ -Unknown