Shark suspected of biting woman in ocean near Carpinteria

May 2, 2020

A shark is suspected of biting a woman swimming in the ocean near Serena Avenue and Padaro Lane in Carpenteria on Friday afternoon.

Shortly after 2 p.m., the woman was swimming laps about 60-feet from the shore when what appeared to be a 5 to 6 foot shark with a dark dorsal fin bumped her, and swam away. A few minutes later, an animal bit her foot.

Firefighters arrived and determined the woman was likely bitten by a shark. Emergency personnel transported the woman to Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara for treatment of minor injuries: two 1-inch lacerations on her foot.

Several 911 callers also reported spotting a shark near Carpenteria

Santa Barbara County staffers posted shark advisory signs, while the beaches remain open.The signs will remain posted until Sunday evening, unless more shark sightings are reported.


She’s in the shark’s house.

Jorge Estrada

Foot notes to the theme sound track for “Jaws”


I would have been surprised if it had bitten her somewhere else, say, the parking lot…


Apparently the Shark never got the memo about social distancing ;-)

Speak Truth to Power

Following me here.

According to the current Lock Down Thinking, this incident should cause us to Immediately close the beaches, to flatten the Shark Bite Curve. Bakersfield parks and lakes should be closed as well because you can’t put a dollar value on human life. And the citizens of North Dakota that attempt to re-open their Golf Courses should be shamed on Social Media and attached by the national media for not taking the “we are all in this together” slogan seriously.

Rich in MB/La Paz