Gov. Gavin Newsom to allow bars to begin reopening on Friday

June 8, 2020

The state of California will allow bars to reopen on Friday in counties that meet the criteria to enter phase 3 of the state’s four-phase reopening plan.

Also on Friday, the state will permit the reopening of other types of businesses, including wineries, breweries, gyms, movie theaters, zoos, museums, campgrounds, cardrooms and racetracks. Night clubs and concert venues are among the businesses that still will not be permitted to reopen.

Since California issued a shelter-in-place order, bars have been allowed to serve take-out food and drinks. Sit-down drinking had not been permitted, though under recently relaxed rules, patrons have been allowed to consume drinks at bars that serve dine-in food.

In some areas of California, bars have also reopened in violation of state rules.

When the remaining bars receive approval to reopen, they will need to follow similar rules as restaurants, including six-foot social distancing between tables and adhering to a maximum occupancy.

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Quick re-cap of the last 3 months:

The virus is going to kill 20 million.

The virus is going to kill 4 million

The virus is really bad and might kill 200,000

Fight the virus by taking measures that target small business and recreation…..but leave big businesses open.


So if you have the virus you have to quarantine for 14 days then you are good to go out . Am I correct? If yes then in 14 days we should see if all the protesters that came together while we stayed locked up spreads the virus more. If not then open things back up and give our lives back. So many people have lost everything due to the virus and personally I think it was all overblown to the extreme. Don’t hear much condemnation of China WHY

Hope Penny and Wade are onboard

Our governor is handing out permission with both hands! He’s so wonderful. But I’m worried that Gavin’s magnanimity might allow some of these small businesses to survive. Not good!

We’ve got to kill all the small business so the virus can’t hide there and kill the rest of us who survived the pandemic later this fall, when experts have predicted another wave of Covid-19.

I say only 2 drinks per patron be allowed and people must drink in disposable cups through straws. (paper). Also, no one should be allowed to hang out in a bar for more than 2 hours. Or maybe start with one hour and if people are good and obedient increasing it to 2 hours. Perhaps a badge that is awarded with compliant behavior can allow for a 2 hour stay? I dunno…..just thinking about ways to irritate people and destroy commerce. We’ve got to do SOMETHING…..

I’m certainly glad all concerts and camping are outlawed. These two risky behaviors go together: people playing guitar and singing songs around a fire is a type of concert. Not good! Happiness and nature have been shown to increase the virus’s strength. We’ve simply got to stay scared, isolated and bored if we’re going to flatten the curve.

Fear is our strength. Compliance is our tactic. Destruction of all that makes us happy is our victory.

Okay People, as obvious as it is, I’ll say it. Sometimes Doc is misunderstood. He is a master contrary. If you reverse everything Doc is saying you will understand what Doc is saying.

Open the darn campgrounds and parks…if people can riot together we can camp together…we are missing out on the best weather of the year…..and if someone doesn’t explain to me why Morro Bay state park road is still closed and Cayucos beach parking closed off I’m going to lose it…..

Looks like Cerro Alto is open as soon as next week. Or at least they are taking reservations.

Oooo, maybe by July 4th, “they” will allow “us” to go out and celebrate “our” freedoms!

more like our lack of freedoms!