Paso Robles fire destroys two homes, damages four others

June 23, 2020

The Paso Robles River Fire destroyed two homes, damaged four residencies and burned seven acres on Monday. Firefighters have stopped forward progress of the blaze, which is 10 percent contained.

Shortly before 2 p.m., the fire ignited in the river bed. The flames then jumped River Road and spread up the bluffs.

At the fire’s peak, 559 residences were evacuated. Currently the residents of 98 homes remain evacuated.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.


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Well the truth is seeping out Ksby has story that fire started by “” abatement crew “”….. Does not name crew but early on it was known that Paso city crew started fire but that was suppressed .Going to be some lawsuits filed , No one should be mowing in dry weeds at 1 pm this time of year only early morning should be appropriate with fire suppression equipment available at a moments notice

The origin of the fire is being reported and unreported as started by the homeless .Now there has been numerous fires started in the riverbed by homeless in the past .But folks that live in the area say it was caused by Paso Robles City maintenance employee who had been mowing starting at river road working south of 46 east and was working south of 13th street and beyond heading for Niblick road on the west side of river road

Will vagrancy laws come back and be enforced because of events like this?

Do you think the fire was started by transients living in the river bed?

I suppose you can’t come to any conclusion until the facts are in but when you have a “fire in the riverbed, possibly started in a homeless encampment” in Paso that’s pretty synonymous with a Santa Maria shooting/stabbing being “possibly gang related”. I know what I’d be betting on.