National Guard deployed to Paso Robles for protests

June 2, 2020

Paso Robles airport on Tuesday afternoon, photo by Richard Bastian

Update: San Luis Obispo County Sheriff Ian Parkinson said he believes the National Guard is in the area for training at Camp Roberts. Bastian stands by his story.

By Richard Bastian

What started off as a peaceful protest over the death of George Floyd, with approximately 150 people marching through the city, exploded when about 700 people, some from out of area, joined the protest.

One man, who said he was from Mississippi, began agitating protestors. He moved in close proximity to officers’ faces, and began yelling, “F*** the police.”

Shortly after 3 p.m., a transport plane full of national guardsman landed at the Paso Robles Airport.  One guardsman said they had been deployed to the area because of the protest, others were tight lipped. A total of three transport planes loaded with national guardsman have landed in Paso Robles.

Meanwhile, a group of locals, calling themselves “Protect Paso,” has formed to protect the community. The group of 5,231 members has pledged to defend the city from rioters.

“We all have a deep connection to this city, its citizens, and the police officers,” according to the group’s Facebook page. “I will personally stand armed to protect them and local businesses. I’m asking those that wish to do that same to prepare yourselves to do so as well, invite members that you trust that would also join us in arms.”

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I may be wrong but I fail to see the connection between looting, vandalism and mob mentality and black lives matter. I see a group of hotheads dishonoring the Floyd family with their behavior. Why not use that energy to Give to the family instead of taking from them? They have lost enough.

It was explained today by Dr. Leola Dublin MacMillan on Dave Congalton’s show. You cannot compare property damage to the death of George Floyd therefore the SLO Police must stand back and allow it to occur at the hands of PAID ($15/hr + the $600/wk unemployment from Newsom) young white activists from outside the area irregardless of the impact on the local community which they are targeting. It is completely justified in their minds. The SLOPD comes down pretty heavy on white trash (particularly when the chief loses her gun) and them pesky Cal Poly students. Never heard of any issue with, although the admittedly small, African-american community.

For these troops, who are part time soldiers, to be notified, rounded up, and put on a plane for a spontaneous event is beyond believable. The troop who said he was here for the protest was full of shit and Richard should have known that. Drama sucks.

Exactly, they were having fun messing with the reporters. We did it all the time in Iraq if we couldn’t outright ignore them.

This is how you protect a city. To those who are critical of gun owners, please don’t be ignorant. Just because someone owns a gun or brings it for self defense doesn’t mean they are so irresponsible that they would wildly shoot into crowds. That thought is just ignorant. Learn more about gun ownership, go to a shooting range, make some new friends and then comment on guns. The statistics don’t hold up the fear.

A month ago, the hotheads were going to protest masks because it was our constitutional right to not wear them.

Here is the 1st amendment being mocked. weird..

“People of color aren’t being protected by the police”

I call B.S.! there are about 1 million law enforcement officers in this country and every year or so there is an ISOLATED incident where some idiot cop screws up. Getting in their face and yelling “F*@k the police” in Paso Robles does not help the cause at all! The “people of color” that are friends of mine are appalled at this behavior. I don’t have friends who behave like this, “people of color” OR white.

I applaud the Protect Paso group. Nice. Stand strong against these anarchist who have come to stoke the fire of hate and want to bring destruction and terror to communities. Time to protect our families, businesses, and community as a whole. Stand with law enforcement and the National Guard and defend your community as needed. The have no respect for you, your lives, family or your community. They are not peaceful, and have no desire to be. Do what you have to protect your community.

Curlyp, the guardsmen may be here for training; but if needed in P.R., it’s reassuring to know that they’re only 16 miles away.

National guard is here for training at Camp Roberts. They boarded busses and went to Camp Roberts. This happens several times every year. Get your story straight

Protect Paso stay home with your guns. The police and National Guard are trained. You might be a liability not an asset. BTW this is not an open carry state. Without a permit, shouldn’t take a gun off your own property. Would be afraid of the legal consequences. Would be interested to know who and where outside folks are from. But with COVID, should stay home.

If police and National Guard will protect the community and businesses, absolutely!

However, what happened in SLO and elsewhere shows they cannot or do not want to protect. If government cannot protect, people tend to take their fate in their own hands – a proud tradition of this nation.

When I read your comment it sounds like you’re ready to stand off against protesters/rioters in your town. But after reading it a few times it sounds a lot like the motivation for all this unrest in the first place. People of color aren’t being protected by the police and now they want “take their fate in their own hands – a proud tradition of this nation.”

It’s all such madness. We’re so much more similar than we are different despite what we’re constantly being told.

“Take their own fate in their hands” includes vandalism and looting?

Not drinking that Kool-Aid, and neither are most property owners.