National Guard deployed to Paso Robles for protests

June 2, 2020

Paso Robles airport on Tuesday afternoon, photo by Richard Bastian

Update: San Luis Obispo County Sheriff Ian Parkinson said he believes the National Guard is in the area for training at Camp Roberts. Bastian stands by his story.

By Richard Bastian

What started off as a peaceful protest over the death of George Floyd, with approximately 150 people marching through the city, exploded when about 700 people, some from out of area, joined the protest.

One man, who said he was from Mississippi, began agitating protestors. He moved in close proximity to officers’ faces, and began yelling, “F*** the police.”

Shortly after 3 p.m., a transport plane full of national guardsman landed at the Paso Robles Airport.  One guardsman said they had been deployed to the area because of the protest, others were tight lipped. A total of three transport planes loaded with national guardsman have landed in Paso Robles.

Meanwhile, a group of locals, calling themselves “Protect Paso,” has formed to protect the community. The group of 5,231 members has pledged to defend the city from rioters.

“We all have a deep connection to this city, its citizens, and the police officers,” according to the group’s Facebook page. “I will personally stand armed to protect them and local businesses. I’m asking those that wish to do that same to prepare yourselves to do so as well, invite members that you trust that would also join us in arms.”

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Interesting some say defund the police, yet their continued protests are racking up huge overtime payments to law enforcement.

And the National Guard can’t be cheap. Might be time to pass around the collection plate at future gatherings.

The reporter is an outright liar. I was there. I am in the picture that was used. There were no busloads of people that showed up. I stayed until the protest was dispersed. The reporter cannot be trusted-remember his name and always fact check! Of course, conservatives wouldn’t want to fact check…

I appreciate the National Guard being there. I was informed that it was a peaceful protest. This one ended well, not so much for the rest of the country.

Shouldn’t the press be at least somewhat accurate in reporting?? The first number of 150 people marching through the city of Paso is close, but still slightly inflated. I would say that number is close enough for the story. Then the next sentence of, “exploded when about 700 people, some from out of area, joined the protest”. We are still talking Paso, correct? If so, that never happened. NEVER. Not even close. There were not 700 people marching. In fact, the numbers grew smaller the longer the day went on. The protesters changed “leaders”, some dropped out, others dropped in. Never did it even come remotely close to 700. Maybe 150 as stated. There are more inaccuracies in the story, but the numbers that the “reporter” used makes the point that this story has zero credibility.

I also think this is a very irresponsible article… It was very alarming when it first came up on the notifications… Although very little of it is true. Paso PD reported 125

Peaceful protesters that broke up by 4 PM.

There were no 700 other protesters that showed up

According to any of reports by officials.

Nor was there mention of any national guard call out or even a need for that.

Here is what I don’t understand…we have been banned from having gatherings the past couple of months in the interest of our “safety”. Why are we not banning public gatherings now as a preemptive strike against riots?

CCN should be ashamed of themselves for publishing such an inaccurate and inflammatory story. I was watching the protest throughout the afternoon and the only thing you got right was that it was peaceful. There was no explosion of 700 people coming. And to not do your research on who the NG were and why they were here is ludicrous. And then to be corrected by the sheriff. Did you call campRoberts? Go back to being a cub reporter and learn about who what why where and when.